If I was Russel Norman, I’d 86 Catherine Delahunty well down the party list


This from a party that insists on a female/male co-leader arrangement and a party discussing a remit where there will be a male/female/male/female order to the party list.

I’m not sure what sort of a twisted person you have to be to think the Danish MP in the image below is a man!  Unless Catherine thought the bloke on the left was from Denmark?

I mean, if you can’t tell the person on the right is a woman, would you recognise the person on the left may be Maori?

Cauterise that wound now Russel.  Don’t come crying to me when it’s too late.

via bt.dk

via bt.dk

Catherine should take her own advice:  “Shut up and listen”.


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  • The Greens never shut up and listen, if they did that they would realise everything they believe in is wrong. Without exception.

  • blokeintakapuna

    Cauterising only works on bleeding. The cure for caustic ineptitude is time… And eventually The “Darwin Effect” catches up to them.

    • Kacanga

      Unfortunately there is no cure for stupid.

  • tarkwin

    A classic example of selective vision here folks, poor Catherine looks in the mirror and sees something that looks like a bloke (personally, I think she’s lucky she didn’t turn to stone). Therefore she thinks all women are really blokes. Standard Green Party logic here.

  • spollyike

    Is that Willy Jackson on the left?

  • If I was Russel Norman (and praise the Lord I’m not!), I would offer Catherine Delahunty to Sea Shepherd as a token of the Green Party of Aotearoa’s support. He could then bring someone else in from the Green Party list that might have some semblance of normality, and be able to connect with the electorate.

    • williamabong

      Five miles out from thew wharf she would be shark bait, just after they worked out apart from turning good food to shit she bought nothing else aboard .

    • Anonymouse Coward

      “He could then bring someone else in from the Green Party list that might have some semblance of normality”

      Snort, churttle, laugh out loud. l

      • Yeah; tongue was a little in cheek there. Not about the donation of Cath Delahunty to Sea Shepherd though…

  • Agent BallSack

    It does look a bit like the blonde dude from ABBA. Yes I am lazy and I am not admitting to remembering their names.

    • blokeintakapuna

      I thought she had more of a resemblance to the sitcom “bewitched” and she’s the housewife / good witch…

  • Lion_ess

    So Marie Krarup is just some ugly bitch trying to look cute with photoshop.

  • Perhaps Delahunty got confused because all her experiences of females is of the barren, frigid, misanthropic, cold hearted, funless variety; rather like her experience of men is of the poofy, effete, girlyman variety and she has spent her life just assuming all men and women are like that.
    A pretty woman, like a Colin Meads type of man, is entirely unknown to her.

  • starboard

    Delacunty should go away and make a large mug of shut the fuck up. Stupid slag.

  • BJ

    Anywhere else but in the Maori culture poking your tongue out is rude and just plain childish

  • Dani

    You can’t blame her, she’s probably repeating stuff from the trained and skilled at the herald!

  • Patrick

    I see two blokes with their faces covered in make up – which one is called Catherine?

  • P1LL

    Is she the chick on the left with the fake tattoos :P