Imperator Fish on John Key and Korea

Scott Yorke at Imperator Fish has a good post about the bullshit response of the media and assorted lackeys of the left to John Key’s rather factual statement about the possibility of Kiwi troops seeing action should the idiot dictator of North Korea decide to throw his toys.

Yes, John Key has acknowledged that New Zealand could end up being involved in a Korean War, if there ends up being a Korean War.

This stating of the obvious has of course outraged many people, the most notable group being people who already don’t like John Key.?

I’m trying to work out whether John Key’s?greatest?sin was to not come out in open support of North Korea, or to open his mouth and let words come out.

It seems as if the people who last week wanted John Key?to stop obfuscating when he gives answers to the media now want him to start obfuscating again.

Remember when the people opposed to John Key’s government used to focus on jobs and the economy? No, me neither.

I don’t understand this politics thing.