Impertinent Questions about David Shearer and his overseas cash stash



Why is David Shearer operating an overseas bank account brimming with cash?

Why isn’t he transferring it to New Zealand?

Could it be that he knows his money is safer overseas?

Does he want to keep it safe from Quantitative Easing?

Does he want to keep it safe from rampant inflation?

Does he want to keep it safe from the effects of the Green/Labour economic sabotage?

Is this just the beginning?

Is there more to come?


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  • Whafe

    Mumbles is a turncoat, he is NOT at all practising what he is trying to preach. And Mumbles thinks he can be a PM, or anyone in his little gang of Labour + Greens…
    Mumbles owes the people of NZ answers!
    Give me strength!

  • JeffDaRef

    Last question – does this fit the “if you dont know the answer, dont ask the question” rule…..?????

  • Simian

    Boring! Nobody cares

    • Whafe

      Is that a fact is it Simian? If your answer is yes, you are delusional

      • Simian

        Well everyone except the far right, although the lack of comments on this post would imply even they are over it!

        • Ronnie Chow

          The far right get short shrift on this blog . They are generally whacked out psychopaths anyway . They get a lot of up-votes because their cranked up and polarizing comments appeal to the other 100 or so whacked out far right readers of this blog . Simple , really .

          • Whafe

            Perhaps you need to read a few stats on readership of this blog Ronnie.
            Again, engaged the brain without thinking….

          • Ronnie Chow

            What , do the far right have a club with membership ? How do I find out how many Redbaiter clones read this blog ? My guess would be the number of upvotes he gets .
            And whats this ‘again’ shit ?

        • Whafe

          Engage the brain, you will find out that far more than your pinko mind will accept are quite the opposite of “Nobody Cares”
          Do you honeslty feel that Labour+Greens will give each n every household in NZ something for free? If so, we are fucked as a country…
          You Pinko’s love living in the shit pond hey

          • Simian

            No I don’t believe they will give every household something for free although if this is a new policy I wouldn’t mind a new TV!

            I’ve never qualified for anything from the government but a government that makes sure those less fortunate aren’t left behind is a good thing.

          • Whafe

            So if you agree nothing comes for free,who is going to pay for this economic sabotage Labour+Greens are bribing the left of NZ with?

          • Simian

            The shareholders of the power companies which includes the government and I expect they will be implementing a capital gains tax as they have talked about, I wouldn’t mind changes to tax rates, I think the higher tax rate should be returned to previous values although not till a higher income threshold . How do governments pay for anything it’s all give and take, I just prefer the priorities of the left over the right

          • Whafe

            Give & take, however that in itself is not a safety net, the government has a give n take safety net,yet this has become something that is expected….
            I have no expectation for the government to give me anything, nor should I ever expect anything

          • NotForTurning

            You bludger. Your (and your kids) healthcare, education, student loans, ACC, EQC, FF, etc are all paid for by the tax dollars of the nett taxpayers commenting here.

          • Simian

            You idiot can you not read? I am a net tax payer, I’m just happy to help the less fortunate with my taxes instead of complaining like you do that all of the taxes don’t come back to me! Maybe you might want to think about someone other than yourself!

  • Kacanga

    “Hey Clint, how much money in the account?”

    • le sphincter

      Pinnokeyo has money in the Bank of America too- no guessing how much because it his business.

      Why would he have money in American bank ? The above reasons could apply to him too.

      But the the National party is running shit scared, as the polling by ‘ Incurable’ shows the labour green policy to be a winner.

      The public is finnaly getting tired of the guy, who forgets phone calls, important meetings, what he said 20 min ago, what shares he owns in Tranzrail, when he quit Elders finance and so on and on.

      This is all a big smokescreen but its too late

  • Ronnie Chow

    Is the account more like half a million ? Does Shearer own property overseas ? Is he a Capitalist pretending to be light green to help the dark greens into power ? Is there any evidence that Shearer actually cares about poor people ? UN jobs pay premium cash , and staffers live like Kings wherever they are posted , with all expenses paid including , well , everything .
    Shearer , the Man Of The People , himself in the top 1% income and asset based .

    Shearer , Shearer , who are you , what do you want and what will you do ?

    • le sphincter

      Envious are you- so used to looking down your nose, that you cant handle a person who has put service to mankind first and has been sucessful

      • Ronnie Chow

        I see you are getting back into character , Phillip Ure.

        Is it getting boring over there , with no-one reading your pathetic cut and paste blog , so you have to hi-jack Cameron’s efforts in an increasingly obvious pattern , based on spite and jealousy , misinformation and backstabbing ?

        I mean , for example , why would you infer that I was envious ?

        Why would you conclude that I was looking down my nose ?

        You sneer at every sensible user of this blog . For what purpose , what agenda ?

        Shearer and service to mankind my arse . Do it for free , maybe . For a hundred grand or so per annum , living in luxury , the suffering that you see daily becomes a blur , your skin thickens , each suffering human just another case to be dealt with . You become immune to the suffering .

        Shearer is not a monk , and you are not a blogger , so get a life and write something on the level and intelligent for a change , instead of being in constant attack mode . A character analyst you are not , you always miss your mark , suggesting that you have experienced a lifetime failure . Fuck off.

        • NotForTurning

          For a hundred grand or so per annum ,

          Only a hundy? get a grip!

        • unsol

          Phillip Ure? As in the one who told everyone everything about himself on Kiwiblog in 2005 (I just googled & it came up):

          “My name is phillip ure; i am an ex junkie (15 yrs clean of junk; still use pot), ex con (armed robbery of chemist shop whilst going through smack withdrawels), vegan,dpb supported sole dad(thanks), environmental/animal rights activist/supporter.
          my lineage is irish, scots, welsh; filtered through five generations in this wonderful country….
          i have travelled/lived in aust, usa, europe, china/asia and other parts of the planet…..
          i have a masters degree in politics, and have worked in broadcasting (radio) in usa, aust, and here.”

          and is the ‘brains’ behind;

          God bless the internet eh.

          Amazing that someone can troll for 8 years – LS I admire your tenacity for trolling.

      • axeman

        … you cant handle a person who has put service to mankind first and has been sucessful.. Mais oui M. espèce d’enculé, by successful you must be referring to Cap’n Mumblefuck who once fed mango skins to starving Africans of the back of a truck

      • rockape

        What bollocks , He was paid a big fat salary,for doing what he did. He is not Mother tereasa just another troughing UN overpaid employee. Seems its a dumping ground for failed Labnour party MPs. Remember Shearer was one of them before he went to that socialist heaven; The UN.

  • TC in NZ

    I don’t see how anyone, even Labourites, can brush this off. He stands to make a great deal of money if he is in power and implements his policies that will tank the NZ dollar. Didn’t the Labour party try to get Key for having shares in a blind trust – despite those shares being sold years ago? This is far worse. He shouldn’t even be in this position – transfer the account or step down. It’s not “family business” if you can actually influence the market and currency to your favour, unless of course your last name is Chavez.