Is BSC’S El Presidente Patrick Lee-Lo MIA?

Regular readers might be wondering what ever happened to the head of the union like cartel the BSC, El –Presidente Patrick Lee-Lo.


Let’s recap. The BSC is meant to be a representative organisation, but just like union scum, its staff trough it up around the world on junkets, while it’s sap members are tucked for $20k a year in membership fees. 

This has resulted in the BSC sitting on a massive $1.8m and growing cash pile which has the fish gang members asking lots of questions about what they’re actually getting by being BSC members.

So to answer the question about El Presidente Patrick Lee-Lo… lets have a look.


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  • Well, that’s a minute of my I’ll never get back again. At least it isn’t $20,000 though.

    • DLM

      No wonder he’s gone to ground, why wreck any chances of tucking into members’ fees! Bring back Lee-lo!!!

  • LionKing

    I was starting to wonder what happened to this clown. Months on from the previous posts, no doubt he’s still sitting in a cosy seat, breaking the rules of the society, planning his next overseas trip. Perhaps he’s having coffee with his Labour union mates working out how to move the $1.8 million slush fund into Labour’s coffers.

    He hasn’t even uploaded any new news or updates for members. What the fuck does this guy actually do?

  • Fred

    hmmmm – this is going to be very interesting to see if the cleaners identified in the HZ Herald article are members of Mr Potatos BSC Cartel

    Odds on that they are hence the lack of response from the BSC themselves about this
    atrocious example of untrained cleaners operating in NZ