Is this from the same David Parker?

David Parker was front and centre yesterday launching the Labour/Green economic assault on power generation.

“National is hurling all sorts of inaccurate insults at the NZ Power policy and muddying the waters. Their scaremongering shows they’re worried that hard-working New Zealanders who are sick of paying through the nose for electricity will embrace our new policy.

“Labour’s policy is quite clear. It will reduce power prices through two means.

“First, the single buyer NZ Power will buy electricity from generators on behalf of all New Zealanders at a fair price, based on their actual production costs and return on capital. It will not allow the companies the super profits from older hydro generation they get currently.

“Second, NZ Power will sell that wholesale power to retailers. As generators will be structurally separated from their retail business there will a level playing field and barriers to entry will be lowered. This will increase retail competition and lead to lower prices.

He was the go to man for comments yesterday, but I wonder of it is the same David Parker who, in a report to cabinet in 2006  said this:

“a single buyer would likely result in higher capital and operating costs”. He went on to say that: “The risks involved in changing arrangements could be significant. The resulting uncertainty could lead to investment proposals being put on hold. Direct implementation costs could be large.” And, he admitted that “The single buyer would be relatively poor at sustaining pressure on operational costs.” 

David Farrar points out that Labour is simply doing this for shameless politicking…at the expense of Kiwisavers and voters:

The Labour Party’s regional development spokesman Shane Jones told BusinessDesk he had taken some convincing to abandon the market model which Labour presided over during its nine years in power from 1999.

But he was convinced lower-priced electricity would create jobs in energy-intensive regional activities such as the timber industry.

The Labour-Green policy would deliver an “equity dividend” for New Zealand households and businesses by removing some of the profits currently made by power companies.

“Not only asset owners need dividends,” said Jones. “Politicians need dividends as well.”

To win the 2014 election, Labour needed to move about 5 to 7 percent of the voting public to favour it.

He suggested energy analysts’ capacity to “make 5 to 7 percent of the public hate us (because of this policy) is zero. Our capacity to impress that percentage (with this policy) is infinite.”

So Shane Jones wasn’t convinced of the economic merits of their wanton vandalism, but is convinced on the basis that they think they can trick 5-7% of the voting public into thinking they will get cheaper power? At least we now know Labour desperate, and prepared to lie to get into power.


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  • JC

    Best of all Parker and co don’t even lose the dividends and profits they say they will forego.. they simply jack up the price to the consumer till they get all the money they want. Russel doesn’t have to print money afterall.


  • Lofty

    They are a bloody disgrace! Politicking Saboteurs!
    They are attacking mum & dad, shame on them, a pox on them and may pestilence visit their house.

  • Whaleoil I think it is outrageous to lauch this attack on David Parker.
    Are you suggesting Mr Parker will say one thing, enter into contracts, then say the opposite, forge documents, welsh on contracts, and when caught out lying and lawbreaking create a diversion to get off the hook and attack his accusers? – tricks he learnt as a company director in Dunedin?

    Shame on you, Whaleoil – surely you know that Mr Parker lives in “Parkerland” where the truth is simply whatever he says it it?

    Other examples of “Parkerland” include standing for election on a Saturday, losing his deposit (!), and on the following Tuesday demanding to be made Labour leader because he is…. popular and electable! hahahaha!

  • Phar Lap

    Yes the same ,little Cunt,who got dumped from his electorate seat ,tried again couldn’t even validate,yet he has cameback on the list.He is also the little Cunt who couldn’t get his company records correct.Yet the same little Cunt is now the finance Cunt for Lie-bour.If the electorates didn’t want the little Cunt, as he was a lazy bastard when he held an electorate seat ,what is his claim to fame,other than being a little list MP CUNT.

    • cows4me

      So you’re not a Parker fan then Phar Lap ?

      • Phar Lap

        I despair to even think that Lie-bour has employed him on the list.Us as everyone knows has no say in the matter whatsoever.Same for the mentally sicko green party.and all their little sickos.Yet we have to endure their misguieded philosphy,which is forced upon us.To make it even worse they are so PATHETIC,yet they get $200,000 PER YEAR +.

        • cows4me

          Well the enlightened ones brought us MMP, I’m afraid we are basically screwed.

    • Lofty

      Don’t hold back mate…let it go ;-)

  • Lofty

    Parker says today…………..

    “National’s outrageous threats that the policy will destroy savings and jobs are flat-out wrong. Independent analysis by economists shows that lower power bills for businesses will provide a $450 million boost to the economy.”

    May I suggest that the unsubstantiated “boost”has been partially if not completely wiped out today by investors voting with their feet. This is based on a independent analysis of today’s markets by 2 economists…namely me and my wife.

    we have as much credence as BERL and Ganish Nana

    Sabotage and financial terrorism is not putting too fine a point on it.
    A disgraceful, politicking attack on mum & dads savings.

  • johnbronkhorst

    “Labour’s policy is quite clear. It will reduce power prices through two means.” NO it will hide them behind higher taxes and more borrowing, you liar!!!!

  • toby_toby

    I have bothered to closely studied the Lab-Greed… I mean Lab-Green policy in detail, seeing as it is uttery asinine on the surface. But I’m curious about something:

    “First, the single buyer NZ Power will buy electricity from generators… Second, NZ Power will sell that wholesale power to retailers”

    Would the power generators still be able to sell directly to the Retailers if they so choose? Or would LabGre actually outlaw that?

  • Troy

    Parker is selling out his soul by firstly being a hypocrite and then lying about what he truly thinks of the power issue – he’s toeing the line because he wants a cabinet post. He is the epitomy of fucked up left wing socialist ideologies. What a twat.

  • Never in the dark…..

    The catch with this power policy is the retail sector. How quick do petrol prices drop when there’s a downward trend in global oil price and exchange rate? They milk it.

    So will the power retailers. They’re going to get their income punished between generation and wholesale, so where else are they going to maintain profit?