It appears we’re not the only ones battling the parking menace

Yesterday, this story exploded all over the media.  It even ended up being hotly debated on a number of talkback stations

A woman who was assaulted and ganged-up on after trying to get a mobility park for her husband says there needs to be more policing of illegal parkers.

Debbie McQuillan was assaulted, dragged by her arm and surrounded by a group of around 15 people after trying to get a man without a parking permit to move from a disabled park.

The Auckland woman was with her wheelchair-bound husband at the Blockhouse Bay shops on Wednesday, when the incident happened.

She took a photo of the car for the Facebook page “you’ve got my carpark, want my disability too?”, which encourages people to take images of vehicles parked in mobility car parks that aren’t showing permits.

Debbie McQuillan says attitudes around using disabled parks are getting worse.

“There’s got to be education but there has to be more enforcement by councils and police. The police tell you it’s not their job, not their problem, it’s down to the councils.”

We’re having a bit of fun with it of course, but poor parking can lead to some dangerous situations.

Here is Debbie’s viral Facebook page.

Don’t forget to print some of our special “Tickets”.  I’m still waiting for the first to be issued.  Bragging rights are still up for grabs.

Issue the first WOBH Parking Ticket, take the photo, and email it to the tipline.



Source:  Newstalk ZB


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  • Ronnie Chow

    Entitlement Syndrome is the leading cause of drivers ignoring parking rules .

    Parking and driving is largely unenforced , so it becomes a purely moral issue .

    Across the board , many Kiwis have a blind spot , otherwise known as lack of moral and personal responsibility , otherwise known as corruption , incubated and fostered by , would you believe it , Dairy Farmers . They treat their Filipino Dairy hands , now around 20% of the Dairy workforce , as forced labor . They get away with it because they can .

    This contamination of the normal , ethical human moral code was further exacerbated by the recent Lesbian cabal who ran the country , who gave away all our money and then ran away .

    We’re morally deficit while Fonterra rules the country , using forced labor on farms . This issue extends now to Rest Homes , who mistreat and rotate foreign born staff on a grand scale .

    And if you think NZ’ers have high morality and is corruption free , this may change your opinion….

    “In 2009 PricewaterhouseCooper (PwC) conducted a survey on Global Economic Crime. It revealed that “42% of New Zealand organisations (public and private) have suffered from an economic crime in the previous 12 months, with an average loss of almost $492,000.” In 2011, another PwC survey found the figure had risen to almost 50%. PwC says this is a particularly high proportion and is significantly above the global average of 34%. It gives New Zealand the fourth highest level of fraud out of the 78 countries surveyed. In 2011, 4% of New Zealanders also admitted to paying a bribe – which is twice as high as the rate in Australia and four times the United Kingdom’s rate”

  • peterwn

    In South Australia, parking wardens are allowed to enter supermarket, etc car parks and ticket, etc vehicles improperly parked in disabled spaces.

  • That poor woman to be assaulted like that. Does anyone know what ‘breed’ the car owner was? maori chink wog?

    • Ronnie Chow

      The pendulum swings ……are you the internet version of good cop/bad cop ?

    • RightOfGenghis

      mini k, for a man with no vices that was out there. I think you might have outgrown this blog