Knucklehead Press Gallery Journo offends China

John Key’s trip to China would have to be one of the most successful in recent memory. The exposure NZ received by China was nothing short of extraordinary and should be a big tick.

However, typical of the small-minded junior political hacks from the press gallery that covered the China trip was Katie Bradford-Crozier and Hamish Rutherford. I’m sure their employers will be thrilled to see this tweet from Katie Bradford-Crozier covering the antics of Hamish Rutherford. China extends a great welcome to New Zealanders and some dickhead decides to pull this stunt.

It appears the tweet has now been deleted….too bad my tipster nabbed a screenshot. 

John Key was spot on when he called a couple of jurnos knuckleheads.



Don;t you just love Twitter, it exposes all the silliness of the people who are supposed to be the ones holding our politicians to account.


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  • blokeintakapuna

    This could be the journalistic equivalent of Danish politicians calling certain aspects of a visit to a foreign country “primitive/uncouth savages”

    • tarkwin

      Totally agree – was about to say the same thing. Just watch this get brushed under the carpet.

    • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

      Nicely said!!! Even Sheep cannot explain better than this…..

  • Honcho

    Its unprofessional, and as media people they should know better then to put any antics, drunken antics, potentially embarrassing antics, on the clock workplace antics, up on twitter / facebook / etc and into the public domain which could damage their credibility and future career prospects … however I struggle to find myself giving a toss.

    • She is blond and female – which means she is brainless, incompetent and only has a job because she slept with the right people.

      • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

        Are you describing a typical Labour MP?!!?

        • Tom

          Nah the one you’re thinking of is a brunette…..

  • LionKing

    What a bunch of complete fuckwits. Good way to embarrass the country. Hope they get a good bollocking from the editors. Knucklehead is absolutely right for these two.

    • sheppy

      Better still they get sacked!

  • These people have offended China; is this the same China who wants to invest half a billion dollars setting up milk processing plants employing thousands of NZers?
    No doubt these journos will be the first to tut-tut at unemployment levels but will piss off the very people able to do something about it.
    Typical! left wing scribblers wanting it both ways.

    • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

      Remember Minarchist_kiwi – Once Sheep-Norman combo takes over, no foreign investment will be allowed. Green jobs will be enough for us. Construction of mono rail in Auckland will guarantee full employment.

    • Hazards001

      Well actually we don’t need their milk plants employing thousands of kiwis. What we will actually get is Chinese milk plants employing cheap Chines labour buying milk off Chinese owned farms using cheap Chinese labour then selling it to China.

      No one will be paying tax and everyone will be loading the economy with false statistics. AGAIN!

      There is more than enough money in NZ already to build these plants if there was use or need for them. Fonterra is hardly under capitilised.
      We need to be very careful in our dealings with China.

      I realise the royal we I use doesn’t include yourself. You have been most forthcoming on your exporting business and the way your Maori employees should be dealt with and of course how you keep the darkies in line.
      I’m sure some cheap imported labour would fit in nicely with your growth plans.

      • Goldie

        Hazards001 – “”There is more than enough money in NZ already to build these plants if there was use or need for them. Fonterra is hardly under capitilised.”
        Fonterra is seriously undercapitalised for a company its size – have a look at its retentions for the past decade – its chronic undercapitalisation was the reason for the restructure. Synlait is another example – they had a great concept, but couldn’t raise the capital in NZ, s ended up being bought out by overseas investors with money.

        • Hazards001

          And that changes what about the core point of my statement?

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Just an innocent play and silly mistake like Sheep’s bank account. Nothing sinister here. Let us move on.

    • Dave

      THanks for reminding us of Sheeps Bank Account SCS, Now was it 500K or is is over the Mill like I suspect SCS ?? Perhaps its time to rekindle this when next on “The Huddle” Cameron

  • Gazzaw

    So who is this fuckwit? One would hope that he will have his Press Gallery accreditation cancelled with immediate effect. A typical ungrateful journo, a ‘profession’ renowned for its take,take, take attitude when away on overseas junkets. No worries about accepting the hugely generous Chinese hospitality, if they were true to form he and his mates would have played games of ETF (empty the fridge) in their rooms every night & left their tabs for their hosts. He’s a national embarassment. One good thing is that the Chinese still very wisely give journos more than the usual ‘once over’ when issuing their visas and they are sure to have a little red flag beside his name.

    • LionKing

      In this case the Reds under the beds should be true for this repeater.

    • Teletubby

      I strongly suspect that the media on these junkets just see the Prime Minister’s daytime activities assomething to amuse them while they are recovering from last night’s hangover and preparing for tonight’s piss up

      • niggly

        Fuck yeh when Journos drink they go fucken hard out and get blotto … some of them then stagger back pissed as into work to write up their stories ….crikey the things I used to see when I hungout with journo mates.. the mind boggles what the current crop gets up to in these much more enlightened times.

        • Teletubby

          You only need to look at Soper ‘s glowing nose and cheeks to know that

          • Gazzaw

            Fully expecting him to die in the saddle.

  • Phar Lap

    Another two cub reporters, put NZ under the cosh.The girl with Two- daddies was handpicked by non other than Barry Soper .The girl is his heir apparent,to the job,when he retires at seventy mumble even though he looks like he is older than that.Talk about strange names,she certainly is a mouthful.Was wondering was she a relative of the big fat greenie called Sue Bradford.

    • Apolonia


      • Gazzaw

        You’re kidding me.

        • Phar Lap

          Yes thats a given,runs in the family.

        • Apolonia

          They all end up looking like their mothers in the end.

      • Tom


      • hazardsareonitsok

        Someone had sex with Sue?

  • GregM

    Did anyone from the MSM bother to report that more than two hundred new trade contracts were signed up by the business delegation ? No ? I thought not. We can’t have a “good news” story about the government can we.

  • 4077th

    Stupid little girl

  • Dave

    I see young Katie is with a political repeater with NewsTalkZB in Wellington, and one Hamish Rutherford is a political repeater with Fairfax. (is, whould I have said Was!!)

    Surprised they have not featured their antics in their respective employers media!! Reporters, you need to act in your employers interest at all times, remember, the world is quietly watching!

  • cows4me

    You sure the fool was not sliding but over come by emotion to be in the great hall of the communist, thus falling to his knees in reverence.

  • pukakidon

    When are we going to get rid of the silly little school reporters and get some grownups.

    What two silly little twats

    • Have you looked at the make-up of the typical “HR” department, pukakidon?

      Anyone aged over about 35 is, like, sooooo old, I mean eeewww they have wrinkles and everything! Can’t even put their CV in the shortlist pile because they’d be like, soooo boring to interview.

      Whereas if we ignore experience – who needs context, they’re just reporting what happened today, right? – then we can spend the interview talking about shopping and shoes and stuff before appointing the applicant most likely to want to do shooters with us after work.

      Like, what are you thinking?!

  • anniem

    Sue Bradford’s daughter indeed. This from an 07 blog.

    The Dumb Ox
    May 3, 2007 at 7:52 am

    Speaking of media bias; on Radio Live, they have a political reporter called Katie Bradford who has been reporting and commentating on the anti-smacking bill.

    What’s simply laughable about this situation is that Katie Bradford is Sue Bradford’s daughter.

    So, on a major national radio station we have the daughter of the MP
    behind the anti-smacking bill providing unbiased, balanced and objective
    coverage of that bill – yeah right.

    Talk about farcical, especially when she is constantly asked to
    editorialise about various aspects and people involved in this debate.

    Huk, huk, get my squirrel gun ma, we’s gonna become reportas on that there Radio Live