Labour, Greens, Unions and the NZ Herald are peas in a pod

We saw on Anzac Day that the NZ Herald published a story that only the Labour Party honoured Anzac Day. ?At the time, I sai that we might as well call the NZ Herald the Labour Party’s paper of record.

I know some of you think I’m a bit one-eyed when it comes to the NZ Herald bias.

The problem is, the paper’s allegiances are there for anyone who chooses to look.

Take this example. ?This is the Save Our Schools Facebook page. ?Save Our Schools is an amorphous group that remains unidentified, but is against Charter Schools, and for the Status Quo.

It receives moral support from the Labour Party, the Green Taliban, and the NZEI.

But also the NZ Herald.


My point, if it still needs to be made, is this: ?The NZ Herald has clearly nailed its colours against the Labour/Green/Union mast.

Apart from the fact that we all “know” the Herald has a left lean, it is altogether new to have them overtly supporting their causes in social media.

It is time that the Government recognises this, and treats every contact they have with NZ Herald staff as potentially hostile.