Labour is commited to economic sabotage, here is another example

Damien O’Connor wants to know what deals New Zealand has made “with the Chinese”.

My first reaction was:  “Here we go again”.  First “Chinese” can’t buy farms here, and now Labour are having another go at our largest trading partner by wanting to know “The Deals”.

Please note, once again, that the Labour Party has never asked for details for those deals when they pertained to Australia, or the UK, countries in the EU, or even Middle Eastern trading partners.

It’s always “the Chinese”.

Labour and the Greens should stop kicking the legs from under the chair just to score a few short-term political points at the cost of a long term trading relationship.

Damien O’Connor should stop being a petulant economic vandal and submit a Question for written answer.  Of course, he’s not actually interested in the answer – all Labour wants to do is continue the Chinese bashing for political gain.

Not very wise when China is now the largest trading partner and likely to grow significantly over the next few decades.

That’s if the Green Taliban and Labour don’t put a stop to it first.



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  • steve and monique

    My dad always said “watch out for the yellow peril”.Pertained to his days in WW2,and the Pacific. Guess Labour have not given up on this,and are still living in the past.

  • NotForTurning

    Labour … should stop kicking the legs from under the chair just to score a few short-term political points at the cost of a long term trading relationship.

    I dunno about the Greens – but last time I looked the NZ-China FTA was one of the signature trade policy agreements of the last Labour government and widely praised around the country – and actually around the world – on both sides of politics.

  • In Vino Veritas

    Umm, the picture appears to have both gentlemen measuring in at about 6ft. If this measurement is an economic skills height-o-meter, then there is clearly a very big mistake. Since both are economic pygmies, they should be at about 2ft 3″, at the absolute outside.

  • Goldie

    It is a press release from Damien O’Connor – I was very surprised it wasn’t written in crayon with simple pictures to illustrate his story.

  • Refn8tor

    They’ve got it wrong then. The yellow peril was the Japs. The Chinese were on our side in WW2.

  • Mediaan

    Just to be clear, the China mainland suffered from Japanese war action the same as we did, or more. Mainland China has never had a belligerent attitude to outside nations, including us. To include them in mentions of WW2 is misleading.

    One of two things.

    Your dad either meant WW2, which means “fear the Japanese and some of their slaves (then) who were Korean.” The US liberated Korea from the Japs, getting a foothold in South Korea, but never managed to win the trust of the North Koreans in return.

    he was referring back to the earlier 20th century when people said “yellow peril” including all Asians. People then feared Chinese immigration because it seemed like a huge wave that might sink them.

    • steve and monique

      Dad was 96 when he died in 2009. Maybe his reference was a blend of the two.Considering Yellow is a colour used to refer to Asians,and the fact Labour seem to have issue with China,then maybe the reference ‘yellow peril” has raised its ugly head again.I do agree that it was misleading to include them in any reference to WW2,and it was not intentional.Should have watched my wording.

      • Mediaan

        Your dad lived in “interesting times”, then. He would have been 100 this year, too.

        • steve and monique

          Had a lot of stories. Sometimes we used to get bugged by his memories(as teenagers do).Now me and my mates sit around and remember/reflect on the past(30-40 years or so). God forbid have I become my Dad. I hope so( in some degree),as he was a good bloke,and taught us well. And yes he would have been 100 this year.He lives in our memories,as do all our loved ones who have past.

  • That’s because Labour(and the Greens) are ok with those white folks. And those brown ones, why they were here when we got here. But those yellow ones, those are the devil, and should be treated as such.

  • JC

    “Damien O’Connor should stop being a petulant economic vandal and submit a Question for written answer.”

    Thats the critical bit. If he doesn’t submit a question for written answer then he’s not concerned about a problem or he knows the answer and is satisfied with it.


  • thehawkreturns

    For those folks so much in favour of the current “free trade” with China I can only presume that you are the same loud and vocal group protesting that Chinese nationals can buy NZ land but NZ nationals cannot buy Chinese land. Well done, keep protesting.

  • David Broome

    A bit late as Feds put out a positive release on this on Saturday ( The agreement was signed on ANZAC Day BTW.

    We forget Chinese ag. has thousands of years of history. We can teach them, yes, but we can also learn from them too (animal, pasture and crop genomics for starters). Exhibit A is the Chinese Gooseberry which became the Kiwi.

  • Old story, never F&%^*& with the hand that’s feeds you.
    Thank god JK understands this.
    I think most voters now see that Normal Norman and Nosy Shearer only looking after themselves for a salary, there voters can’t be that dumb?

  • johnbronkhorst

    We need to build more relationships like this one (with India, Brazil, USA etc), not fuck up the ones we have.
    What these 2 clowns forget……we don’t live in a vacuum. We treat China like this and others are watching and won’t want to deal with us.

  • Liberty

    We have to keep in mind. There is not a lot of countries that will trade with us.
    It was Damien O’Conners party that told our friends the Americans to Fuck Off
    in the 1980s. Europe is a socialist cesspit and basically insolvent.
    Labours pin ups North Korea and Cuba are cot cases.
    Damien is just being xenophobic.

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    OK, even the last remaining half-decent bloke has shown his true colours….

  • John1234

    And today we have the Greens complaining about a Chinese purchase of some forestry land. Such purchases are happening routinely by investors from ‘white’ countries such as Australia and not a peep. But when it is the Chinese?

    Labour and Green are such a pack of racist, populist xenophobes.

  • Nice wanted poster, is the reward dead or alive?