Labour lauches billboard campaign funded by secret donors

Labour have launched an attack billboard campaign targeting government ministers. It is nothing more than advertising by proxy for and on behalf of Len Brown. It looks like Len Brown is going to campaign on the government halting his plans and using the Labour party to front it.

Labour NickSmith


Kate Sutton sent out this email a short time ago to supporters:

This is a special edition of the Auckland/Northland Labour News. Today, Labour launched a campaign against the National Government’s constant attacks and undermining of Aucklanders.

You can read more about the campaign here:

Today we erected a billboard on the southern motorway that features an image of the Hon Nick Smith and asks: Did you elect this man to run our city? Why is the Government undermining the Council you elected?

Housing Minister Nick Smith, who is the MP for Nelson, is the latest Minister to try to run Auckland from his office in Wellington with his threats to take away Auckland Council’s planning powers, and open the city up to uncontrolled sprawl.

On the two most important issues for Auckland – housing affordability and transport – the Government is telling Aucklanders what to do because its ideologically opposed to the Auckland Plan.

The Auckland Plan said that Aucklanders don’t want LA-style sprawl and they do want a modern public transport system. But the Government doesn’t want to listen. It is arrogant and out of touch.

Several more billboards will appear in the next few days.

You can message Nick Smith directly from here:

This campaign has been coordinated by Labour MPs and funded by donations from concerned Aucklanders

Labour are once again in the email harvesting game. Make sure if you use their site that you don’t give them your email. Use the site though to send a message of support to Nick Smith for stopping Len Brown and his wasteful way and excessive rates burden by refusing to engage over his dopey trainset.

Meanwhile emails to the tipline suggest it is funded by a secret donor who is busily trying to make sure he is un-contactable.

Labour are about to launch a billboard campaign critical of Government ministers.

The funding is coming from a prominent owner of a major Motion Picture Company. John has buggered off to Europe while the shit hits the fan.

This arsehole is recycling grants received from the Government to attack them. Shine some light on him please.

I would shine some light on him if only I knew who. I’ll throw that out to the Whale Army to do some digging.


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  • johnbronkhorst

    Dear Hon Nick Smith
    Please stop listening to the Auckland Council . Your Government created the super city so Auckland could speak with one voice. I respectfully suggest you now listen to that voice and not that of the mayor.
    Yours sincerely
    I went to their web page, but I altered the submission slightly. I believe it reads better now.

  • Phar Lap

    Yes i did i voted National to run the country.Go get em Nick.Wonder why the faceless bankroller is hiding away ,must be ashamed to support a lie.Perhaps Lie-bour is up to their Blackmail tricks ,again.

  • Gazzaw


  • Mike Wills

    Best go to the link, this is what I said Keep up the good work Nick your efforts are appreciated by Aucklanders

  • tarkwin

    This is just an early ad for the local body elections.

  • johnbronkhorst

    As for email harvesting….the shit they send me is of great comedic value, their assessment of the economy and it’s state on all levels should be on “live at the Apollo”. They are so far out of touch with reality on this planet, you think they must have had a ticket on Richard Branstons space tourism flight.

  • Dave

    Concerned Aucklanders funding the campaign…….. That would be Mr Parsloe & Co. Be interesting for members to check their unions bank accounts.

  • DavidW

    So David Shearer has repatriated a chunk of his cash and has to dispose of it quickly before someone finds out just how much (and how many offshore accounts) he had. It would otherwise take quite a few cake stalls to fund a billboard campaign unless of course some of the unions have kicked in a bundle.

  • Joe_Bloggs

    Owner of a major motion picture company… does “Campbell Live” count as a motion picture?

    • tarkwin

      More of an epic tear jerking train crash B grade soap opera.

      • johnbronkhorst


        • blokeintakapuna

          Month python enters politics… As a 4 headed Taniwha

      • blokeintakapuna

        Swap “tear” for “Labour” and that’s about right…

  • Dear Hon Nick Smith

    I left Auckland when Len Brown was elected

    Keep up the good work

  • Liberty

    Dear Nick

    In the last 4 years the Government has poured money into

    Auckland roads etc as if there is no tomorrow.

    Yet the Pinkos still complain.

    Tell the ungrateful little Marxists in Jaffa city to get stuffed.

    Stop spending money on them.

  • rockape

    I think it was totally irresponsible if Dr Smith didnt take a lead in this matter. For a start NZ is a city in NZ not an independant state. Secondly they want to spend Billions of the GOVERMENTS money so its only right the GOVERNMENT has a say as to wether they think its being well spent. If Auckland doesnt want Government input, dont ask for Government money.

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Tories and the nasty Whale Army – Get this message into your heads.

    Socialist Cindy is running sausage sizzles and cake baking to fund this campaign. This is called people power. I understand “concerned Aucklanders” including a big fat guy spent $100,000 in the sausage sizzle organised by Cindy over the weekend. The end is nigh for the nasty Emperor’s regime bros.

    • Dave

      SCS, Rumour has it Socialist Cindy might be too busy for the “Sausage Sizzle”, To busy playing hide the sausage with the sheep. Mutton sausages anyone ?

      • Joe_Bloggs

        Aha! It’s a porn motion picture company!!!

  • How can Labour be funded by a ‘secret’ donor? don’t they all have to be disclosed? how can they get away with it?

  • In Vino Veritas

    So, Labour believe that because the Government is refusing to fund Len’s daft ideas, they are undermining Aucklanders. Socialism is great, until you run out of other peoples money. And guess what? The Government have decided its time for the whacko left wing Auckland Council to run out of other peoples money, and bloody good on them.
    An analogy. The Government is lets say, a consortium of banks in Europe. The Auckland City Council is, oh, I don’t know, say Greece.

  • Justsayn

    Cake stalls are so 1970s. Younger Labour supports can earn $600 a night with illegitimate fundraising activity – a modern sausage sizzle.

    • BJ


      • Justsayn

        No thanks BJ, trying to cut down.

    • Patrick

      Hunters Corner – plenty of sausage sizzling done there – apparently…..

  • I m still laughing, Labour have given free advertising to the National Party by putting the face of the MP they are trying to give a hard time too.
    As we know most National MPs are great and most people will be pissing there pants with laughter, as Labour are still trying to produce great MPs and they still have no policies, do Labour really think the people think like they do, well they are really out of touch, still laughing ha ha ha.


  • RightNow

    Couldn’t be John Barnett from South Pacific Pictures. He’s not technically an owner, and he was full of praise for the deal the government did to keep the Hobbit being made here.

  • sheppy

    Dear Hon Nick Smith
    Thanks for standing up to the wasteful ways of Auckland council and their vision to stuff the population into nasty shoebox apartments atop Len’s wasteful trainset.
    I for one consider the Kiwi dream to be substantially better than this!
    Please keep up the good work!

  • Honcho

    Labour are wrong, what aucklanders dont want is vertical slums, being forced into public transport and seemingly unchecked immigration boosting the cities population by one million over the next twenty years.

  • Gazzaw

    Is there no requirement to have ‘authorised by……………’ on this billboard or at least an identification of the source?

  • sarah

    Is Greens not sharing the emails harvested from there “CIR”???

  • steve and monique

    Labour,still nothing worth listening to.How about some new policy,not guttersnipe politics

  • Steve R

    If lens plan was finished , didn’t have huge holes in it and if maybe he didn’t try and rush it through before anyone could look at it maybe Mr Smith may have been a little more easy on Len .
    If you look at the site set up to “inform ” you about the Unitary Plan you’ll see the first lie . Watch the video , and you will see that not even 10 seconds in we are lied to .
    They make the claim that 15000 Aucklanders were consulted regarding the Unitary Plan .
    Now to prove what a lie it is Ill ask this question .
    How many Whale Oilers either were one of the 15000 or actually know one of the 15000 Aucklanders consulted ?

    • Roger

      If you check the detail of the draft Unitary Plan you will note the Auckland Council are planning to extract a new tax from the sellers of these new apartments set up to add denser residential planning to suburbs. This tax will be levied at the time of the sale of the property. It’s apparently to compensate the Council for allowing the additional stories on what was once a simple residential section. So they push to have more dense residential development then dong the people who buy one of these new aprtments. Capital Gains Tax anyone?

      Bet many haven’t seen this buried in the monster document. It deserves plenty of sunlight.

  • Roger

    haha – left an adulatory message for Nick and his welcome interventions. Had to leave an email address though. Found that [email protected] works. Perfect.

  • AnonWgtn

    Probably Kim Dotcom, who will do anything to get this Government.
    However we should be grateful to Kim Baby for at least showing up the incompetency of our Spy Agency, including under the overpromoted ex General, who is getting in with media before the Kitteridge report is published shortly, which will show him up to have been quite useless in the role.
    Without the stuff up, which is actually inconsequential, we would have meandered on with incompetency.
    Kim Baby has opened up this tawdry affair.
    Now he can get kicked out to the USA, please, but he will drag this out to the Supreme Court over many years, where the judges will let him stay, so he can by the Mayoral of Auckland.

  • Must be funded by David Shearer and his hidden US bank account with all that money in it

    • Catweasel321

      The bank account wasn’t hidden. The money in it wasn’t declared to Parliament.

  • Anonymouse Coward

    Nick comes off as an arrogant zealot. If he wasn’t the campaign by Labour would not have any traction with its target audience.

  • Brian of Mt Wellington

    What a load of crap asking me if I voted for Nick Smith to run the city. For fuck sake I didn’t vote for that embicile half wit Len Brown either and he is managing to piss off a lot of people with his wasteful spending and big ideas that are a waste of OUR money not his personal slush fund. Lets hope that someone stands against him and arseholes him and his cronies out.

    • Morrissey

      YOU didn’t vote for Len Brown, but most voting Aucklanders did, by a thumping majority.

  • Ururoa

    So many commenters here would say that the Nats have a “mandate”, as the democratically elected government, to proceed with the sale of state assets.

    Yet the Auckland Council, again democratically elected, does not have a “mandate” to implement its own preferred planning system (under a system and structure implemented by the current National Govt. no less!)?

    Can you spell hypocrite?

    • boglas

      If Len and Labour are so concerned about democracy then let the Unitary plan be subject to the normal Resource Management Act scrutiny of objection, cross objection and appeal. It is easy to say that 15,000 Aucklanders have had their say BUT we went through a procedure some years ago where the Council held a series of 5 public meetings where we heard the background information and in groups formulated and presented what the more than 100 who attended all meetings would like to see happen.

      At the last meeting those planners leading the meetings presented the combined thoughts of what had been thrashed out. Oh the gasps of surprise and the expressions of “that is not what we discussed or asked for”. The final product was what the planners wanted all along and bore no resemblance to the input from the public which had been formulated at the 5 meetings over a month and a half.

      Sounds like Len Brown’s Unitary Plan which he does not want the public to have any further say in through the long established objection and appeal process.

  • Time For Accountability

    It is all a bit rich given that Len is a Labour Party Puppet merely doing what is in the best interests of the party and there welfare dependent voting base rather than the best interests of Auckland.

  • Catweasel321

    ‘Labour engages in Politics…shocked NATs demand something be done….’