Labour/Greens – not economic vandals – they are economic terrorists

A reader emails about the economic destruction Labour and the Greens have visited upon our businesses.

This isn’t just about the power sector – here’s my screen shot of current market falls today – look at the top 6 – Contact, Trustpower, Infratil, Auckland Airport, NZX, Telecom, even Port of Tauranga in at number 8 – all sectors that investors are now shitting bricks about being in the gun from labour 1970’s type regulation.

They are throwing bombs at our economy to promote their own cause and don’t care about the collateral damage – that’s called terrorism in my book.



While the media focuses on a vexatious court court taken by a serial litigant our economy burns as a result of economic terrorism by the Labour party and Green Taliban.

It is shameful that the media allows them to be distracted when millions of voters, investors and Kiwisavers are watching their investments be flushed down the toilet by the shameful actions of two political parties intent on wealth destruction.

It will be interesting to see how the next set of polls plays out for Labour and the Greens. David Shearer will be hoping that they get a bounce in order to save himself. If any credible poll in coming months shows National as still riding high despite beltway gotcha politics and this economic wrecking ball of a policy then I suspect Shearer will be knifed.


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  • blokeintakapuna

    Is there some way NZ citizens can launch a “class action” suit against these thugs to recover some of the wealth they have deliberately vandalised?

    Legal types…please comment.

    • le sphincter

      Ask the tobacco companies about the government nationalising their brands, and how their legal case is going.

      Last time i checked the power companies are 80% government owned, so where is the share price crash ?. You would see a greater variation month on month.

      Sounds like you arent a share market type

  • Gazzaw

    Imagine what the NZX50 would look like if the coalition from hell actually gained power.

    How many hundreds of millions have been wiped off small investors’ portfolios & Kiwisavers funds over the last 24 hours? This latest socialist effort totally dwarfs labours last stockmarket intervention when Cullen decimated the value of Auckland Airport shares.

  • Phar Lap

    Yet the wetback Australian Commie Norman from joke green party continues to meddle in NZ way of life.Why dosn’t he fuck off back to where he came from,and take that ball aching Dotcon with him.Why is it the imports cause more trouble than the people born here..

    • sheppy

      Because by and large people born here understand how the country works….
      There should be a law ensuring imports have to spend a number of years in the country before they are allowed into political positions

      • Phar Lap

        At least twenty years,with a NZ Passport.

        • Gazzaw

          Or fifty years with an Australian passport.

  • Justsayn

    I have not heard a chorus of support for this from other Labrats. I think you’re right, they are biding their time to see the reaction, and if it is not good the Sherarer is out and this policy is cast aside as Shearer’s idea.

    Probably busy polling as we speak.

  • Liberty

    Meanwhile the joint leader of the Coalition of loses. David Shearer Invest his $50,000 plus in the USA.
    Why didn’t he invest in NZ. Did he have inside knowledge ?
    That the share market was going to be stuffed by Luddites.
    There needs to be an inquire.

  • cows4me

    The government needs to declare all out war, hit them with every legal flaw they have brushed aside , every electoral scam, anything that makes their continued existence a pain in arse. Failing that , don’t fuck around , call a snap election. Call an election while the people are pissed off, the left needs dealing to.

    • le sphincter

      Ant going to happen. An economy stuck in the doldrums for 4 years, a PM who cant remember what he cant remember and make power prices an issue ! Or as it WILL turn out , the SELLING of state assets.

      Its classic ‘red meat’ politics. Karl Rove would approve heartlity !

  • Saccharomyces

    With the US NZ exhange rate shit perhaps Shearer’s looking to get some value of his offshore gadjillions…… depress stock values with jaw-boning about fucking the energy market, buy low, then when they fail to win the next election and actually implement anything sell up for a tidy profit.

  • unsol

    Market falls…..ah oh, you realise this is because of the ME Bill? Looks like the doomsday commentators were right!

    But seriously, no surprise that they will do anything to get what they want; where the left are concerned the means always justify the ends…it’s all about the big picture, no details & who gives a crap about the collateral damage!

  • GregM

    I have been watching the NZX main board most of the day. This is serious.

    Even Vector, which is a monopoly is down 1.39%
    Trustpower, -5.42%

    • le sphincter

      Vector has allready had its line charges reduced by the government. nationalisation you say ?

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    They are winning bro – that is all counts

  • Greg

    Pity they abolished hanging for treason in this country.

  • Hang him

    I have not seen the TV interview with these pricks, but were Maori owned power stations included in this scheme, as they have several I believe in the North Island?

    • le sphincter

      name them !

      • Hang him

        Tuaropaki Power, check it out you may learn something. What Maori can achieve when they want too.

  • spollyike

    Not for us Maori. We are hoping to bring down the current economy and replace it with our own Maori economy. The more economic failure we see the better!!!

  • Chris

    God forbid these nut jobs actually win the election. NZ will be an economic waste land. I imagine it will come as shock to the green/labour supporters how quickly their nirvana goes tits up. I’m thinking there will surely be a run on the banks, the NZ dollar will be practically worthless. The capital flight will result in mass unemployment. I would imagine Pharmac won’t have the ability to fund as many medications as they do now, with the dollar being worth nothing and the massive interest o’seas lenders will demand for the risk premium. The xboxs and play stations will no longer grace the average benes living room floors.

    Seems, according to Chris Trotter,‘ that Cullen/Clark were dancing pretty close to a ‘financial strike’ and had to curtail some of their more business unfriendly ideas or face the wrath of the investment community and the consequences that would follow. The problem is Red Russell seems too batshit crazy to pull his head in.

    On the positive side at least, if we are still allowed free and open elections, we’ll only have to put up with a single term and it’ll be the last we’ll see of any sort of socialist government for 20+ years. I guess there will be no state assets left by the time the IMF has sold what remains of them to recover some of the costs for their bailouts and help NZ get back on its feet. It really will be drill it, mine it, sell it!