Lange lied? No surprises there

The author of a new book says that he believes David Lange lied about the anti-nuclear crisis that saw the end of Anzus. No surprises there, politicians are natural born liars.

David Lange’s former chief adviser Gerald Hensley has come to the conclusion that the former Prime Minister lied about his early involvement in the anti-nuclear crisis that gripped the fourth Labour Government.

But Mr Lange’s widow, Margaret Pope, says her husband never trusted Mr Hensley because of his views on Anzus and she is sceptical about how he will be portrayed in his book. 

“David inherited him from [former Prime Minister Rob] Muldoon and he did not trust him and he wanted him to go but Gerald would never take the hint,” she told the Herald.

“The reason why he didn’t trust him wasn’t anything to do with Gerald personally but because he was so much of the world view that said we had to be in Anzus, no matter what.”

The old nuclear wounds are being re-opened with the publication of Friendly Fire, by Mr Hensley, on how the nuclear policy led to the collapse of the Anzus pact.

Mr Hensley was then head of the Prime Minister’s Department and worked closely alongside Mr Lange and the United States over the first proposed US ship visit after the 1984 election.


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  • Now we have proof from the horses mouth that Labour are NZ hating traitors.

    Muldoon and this adviser had NZ’s best interests at heart; Lange didn’t – so didn’t trust this guy.

    If you want further proof of Lange telling lies watch the Leaders’ debate at the 1984 General Election; Muldoon specifically says the anti nuclear policy will end ANZUS and Lange says it won’t.

    • Peej

      Thank you for proving something, albeit not about Lange.

      Article headline penned by someone, “Lange lied? No surprises there.”

      Actual article says, “The author of a new book says that he believes David Lange lied …”

      A headline that does not say Lange lied but is well-worded for the context. The author with a position and agenda. Doubts cast on the author’s comment by someone who also has a position and vested interest.

      Suddenly “we have proof from the horses mouth that Labour are NZ hating traitors.” We probably have proof that some people said some things but definitely have proof that some people will take any meaning they want from reading something and say it is proof.

      Will the next proof be that Rob Muldoon was right about superannuation?

      • johnbronkhorst context…Muldoon was right about the superannuation!!!
        Kirk paid for it by gutting necessary infrastructure projects, which caused power cuts in the mid 80’s to name one!!!

      • If you want to talk about David Lange and lying – he lied to the public before the election (watch the debate video); he lied to his Cabinet; he lied to his Wife; he lied to his children; he lied to the Australians (read autobiographies by Bob Hawke and Bill Hayden) – you are hard pushed to find anyone Lange told the truth to!

  • johnbronkhorst

    Lange lied…obvious statement.
    Just watch the progression of the anti nuclear argument.
    First it was about nuclear WEAPONS coming to NZ.
    The USA’s response was to offer the same as Denmark had already accepted …neither confirm nor deny. Which at the time was an obvious response, otherwise they might as well have sent the USSR a list (that would otherwise cost the USSR a fortune in intelligence gathering to get) of ships with nuclear weapons on.
    Lange then shifted the argument to nuclear weapons CAPABLE ship, which was 95% of the fleet, making it almost impossible for them to comply.
    When they said yes.
    Lange shifted the argument to nuclear POWERED ships, meaning effectively NO US warships met the criteria …therefore rendering ANZUS (as far as NZ was concerned) mute. No actual physical alliance was possible.

    • rangitoto


  • AnonWgtn

    Having had dealings with Lange Hensley is quite right. Look forward to reading the book.
    Margaret Pope, Lange’s former mistress, kept Lange well on her rein, by his balls.

  • Greg Davis

    Lange couldn’t hide his lies, Naomi forever asked “Where are my pies?”