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The latest Truth is on sale today.


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Who should be buying Truth this week?

Bernard Hickey should go buy a Truth.

Anyone who wants to win a Spacies Machine.

Drew Cocker should buy Truth and hang his head in shame.

Fans of Lisa Lewis should definitely get a Truth.

Fans of Subaru WRX should grab a copy for sure.

Winston Peters will probably be interested in what Willie Jackson has to say.

Gareth Hughes, again.

Chris Hipkins should too.

Along with Trevor Mallard.

John Campbell should grab a copy to see Page 6.

David Carter can send one of his minions out to get a Truth.

Sue Moroney probably won’t be pleased but should get one anyway.

Don’t forget our Competitions and our Truth scientific polls

Of course there are the Sports Columnists as well…we have Matho of course, the best Sports journo in NZ, SportsFreak, Dale Budge and our own Dave McPherson’s great Breakers coverage.

Don’t forget the racing tips from Brownie and boxing coverage from Jim Mahoney.

All in this week’s Truth, out now.


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  • Good on her for being a one woman marketing machine that carries her business premises on her person, I always applaud people that get off their arses and help themselves, but I really never understood her popularity.

    Many clients want to ‘rescue’ their rent-a-tit from the industry. It’s all rather romantic. But I would have thought her smart enough not to fall for that one.

    Everything will fall back into place when I read that she’s due 50% of Mr Builder’s multi-million dollar fortune mind you.

    Drew Cocker.


    • Jimmie

      Romantic? More like wanting a permanent discount. Think, if she stays a hooker then builder guy needs to keep paying her for her services.

      If they live together, he gets it all for free and exclusive(?), probably gets some house work thrown in, and he can skite to his mates about his ex hooker missus.

      She should have been more careful as for him to use her service as a hooker likely meant that he was a bit of a tool who couldn’t keep a g/friend anyway

      • That’s why I think it all ended up going tits up after she got her hooks into the 50% portion of her mark’s wealth. No sensible hooker marries a client for love. And I doubt the thicko had a pre-nup in place. If he does, then I think even less of her.

      • Perhaps you should buy Truth and read the real story

  • cows4me

    “Winnie will probably be interested in what Willy Jackson has to say” just guessing but it will probably be something like “let my people be” , what else does Jackson say.

  • Cameron is that Stefano bloke the same one who tried to buy office buildings round town about 20 years ago despite no money?

    • One and the same…real dodgy ratbag…i think he also tried to do some sports deals while here too…

      • Oh good – heading out shortly to visit some business customers; will pick up a copy on the way back. Want to read how he got his comeuppance

        • Just been reading it – great issue Cameron (but do you need to advertise so many tarts?)

          • Some changes coming up, bear with me

  • Patrick

    Bit desperate for news if that silly bint has to be the lead story?