Len Brown basks in reflected glory as he declares Auckland all of NZ


First, well done to the New Zealand Breakers for their 3rd consecutive championship title.

Of course, they’re the New Zealand Breakers,  not the Auckland Breakers.


I suspect Len thinks the New Zealand Warriors are a New Zealand team, until the day they start winning, and then they’ll be the Auckland Warriors again.

What a glory stealing prat.


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  • Ratesarerevolting

    Len Brown is a fucking cunt !

  • cows4me

    How fucking left of him

  • Gazzaw

    Len Brown grabbed the ZB headlines this morning “The Auckland Breakers can have any sort of celebration that they want”. Translate that as “Len Brown desparately needs photo opportunities with winners”.

    • Patrick

      Watch for him – front & centre when the photo op happens. Smiling like the dickwhacker he is.

      • le spincter

        Nothing beats the shambles at the RWC trophy ceremony by PinoKeyo

        He virtually gets a yellow card for his hamfisted attempt at the ‘three hands handshake’


        • Gazzaw

          Woooh! “PinoKeyo” – that’s a good one spinky. Makes a change from Donkey, Shonkey, Monkey. How long did it take the brains trust at party HQ to think that one up?

          If the RWC is all you can dream up you’re not having a great day comrade. I wouldn’t really start on the ’embarassing moments’ if I were you. JK’s effort of 2011 is pretty miniscule compared to the frequent fuckups by your glorious leader and his ragtag minions. We could start with the almost daily skewerings in the House by Bennett, Finlayson, Ryall, Collins, Williamson et al all lovingly captured and presented here on WOBH for your entertainment & edification.

        • Lion_ess

          Clearly you skipped this piece of priceless ummm from glorious leader.


        • Patrick

          You really are clutching at straws aren’t you?

          Remember Lying Len’s nutjob face slapping episode when he was caught out fiddling the expenses? Some sort of Maori traditional apology – wasn’t that the excuse? Get a grip of yourself man.
          The country needs a quality opposition – are you the best there is?

    • Steve (North Shore)

      It is exit stage left when he sees a person wearing a WOBH tee shirt

  • steve and monique


  • maninblack

    he is such an embarrasment.

  • Steve (North Shore)

    Len is an Auckland Worrier

  • Clive

    The more that public figures from “Dorkland” continue to make spurious comments, the more the rest of New Zealand becomes more Anti…..