Len Brown is coming for your schools, golf clubs and churches

Len Borwn’s shiny new unitary plan has looked at available land for housing across Auckland, and has come to the conclusion that there is plenty for infill housing just so long as they take your schools, golf clubs and churches.

Schools, including Kings Prep in Remuera and De La Salle College in Mangere, were unlikely to be replaced by houses, said council chief planning officer Dr Roger Blakeley, but it was still a possibility.

Dr Blakeley was commenting on a stocktake of land and property in the existing urban area that pinpoints large parcels of land that could be subdivided for infill housing and apartments.

As well as schools, the stocktake has captured resthomes, churches and the Grange Golf Club in Papatoetoe.

Luxury homes on large sections in Remuera and the eastern suburbs could also be replaced with more intensive housing.

Schools and other properties have been labelled “residential vacant” (vacant land) and “residential vacant potential and infill” (land with some buildings) in a council report, with capacity for housing development.

The report, Capacity for Growth Study 2012, looks at how many new dwellings could be built in urban Auckland under the existing district and regional plans.

“Unlikely”…like I’m going to believe a council official intent on massive intensification. Len Brown can’t be trusted either, unsurprisingly his house was miraculously left out of zoning changes in the unitary plan that allows for tower block apartments.


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  • maninblack

    basically communism.

  • peterwn

    I do not think that councils can ‘take’ land for housing or redevelopment purposes. No doubt a future Labour Government could broaden the scope of the RMA accordingly to please Len. The ‘killer’ could be with rates however. While churches would not be affected, independent schools and golf courses would be – rates would skyrocket if the land is re-zoned for hi-den housing.

    Why not Purewa Cemetary, too. It is a privately run outfit, and why have all those coffins taking up space (personally no way! – my in-laws are buried there).

  • Colin Cloudesley

    How the F&%^*& do these guys get into power, the honest ones like me just can’t tell big enough lies to become Mayor. Nothing like a nice bit of green in the city to break up the housing.

    • NotForTurning

      Universal franchise.

    • NotForTurning

      Universal franchise.

    • Hazards001

      You want to be mayor? OK…you got my vote..(I don’t give a fuck what your policies are just beat Looney Len and give the trainset and the slumlords the arse and your in!)…ya want to dip into the till a little in return..fine..but just a little mind you!

  • In Vino Veritas

    Har dee har. John Banks couldnt get a road put along Tamaki driveand through the end of Remuera so how does Red Len think he’s going to go getting property? At least Banks was going to do public works and could have forced sales, but Red Len can’t. Why doesn’t he build his ticky tacky little boxes on Bastion Point? There’s plenty of spare land there……

  • Hollyfield

    I have been wondering what school principals would think of this idea, and that has brought to mind a post from a couple of weeks ago:


  • ratesarerevolting

    Why is anyone surprised….. Len Brown is a fucking cunt !

  • Bob

    Why not parks as well there are loads of them, Western Springs, The Domain, Cornwall Park and One Tree Hill are enormous! A Len slum home for all!

    • Honcho

      Not close enough to his new trainset though, needs to justify his choo choo’s

    • Honcho

      Not close enough to his new trainset though, needs to justify his choo choo’s

    • Hazards001

      It just so happens those have been factored in I believe.

  • NotLen

    I understand that The Grange and Auckland golf clubs are already in merger talks. Mainly because Auckland feel that Middlemore Hospital are going to want their land.

    So if Len wants the Grange land as well, that means two golf course gone. Mind you good luck with fighting the Auckland Golf club and their collective resources.

  • cows4me

    “World’s most liveable city”, priceless.

  • Goldie

    “council chief planning officer Dr Roger Blakeley”
    This is ex-Internal Affairs Roger Blakeley, who left under a cloud after the disastrous ‘Focus Change’ debacle?
    This is the same Roger Blakeley who made such a feck up on Porirua Council?
    I thought Auckland was was unfortunate with Len Brown as Mayor – now I read that Roger Blakeley is responsible for planning, I’d have to say that Auckland is totally fucked.

  • johnbronkhorst

    “Schools and other properties have been labelled “residential vacant” (vacant land) and “residential vacant potential and infill” (land with some buildings) in a council report, with capacity for housing development”
    So lennie vision is for houses row on row, story on story….with no amenities (schools etc) so everyone will have to TRAVEL to everything they need or wish to do. Is this how you spell GHETTO???