Life isn’t that sweet under Labor

Life isn’t that sweet under Labor. No wonder blue collar Kiwi workers are coming home in droves.

The Liberal party is highlighting the disaster that Gillard is visiting upon Australia.

Labor’s carbon tax and anti-business practices are hurting Australia’s manufacturing industries.

Instead of delivering certainty and confidence for investment and jobs in manufacturing, Labor is becoming more chaotic and dysfunctional.


Unfortunately though we have our own green and red economic terrorists here lobbing their own bombs.

Journalists really need to start questioning rather hard what the effects of all the other Green Taliban policies will be for New Zealand.

Their extra taxes on transport alone will see any gains from their throw away power policy eroded before they even start.


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  • sheppy

    National should start putting posters out similar to this

  • johnbronkhorst

    Labour/labor, spell it how you like, put it in power anywhere you like…here, UK, Australia and the result is the same, incompetent governance, ridiculous legislation, over taxation, over spending and over regulation causing the collapse of the economy!!!!!

    • Macca

      Totally agree John. Sadly it looks as if history may end up repeating itself here too. Labour/left gains power, socialist policies implemented, spend like drunken sailors, country on the verge of going down the shitta, National voted in, mess and debt nearly fixed, Labour/left gains power……………..will we ever learn!

      • Lofty

        Its the old story Macca, voters drive to the polls to vote National out, and walk to the polls to vote National in.
        Nothing changes, the wheel just goes around and around.

      • johnbronkhorst

        To look at history….in 1999 if Jenny elected.
        Hospital waiting lists come down, not up.
        Taxes down
        Welfare down
        Do NOT buy Toll rail
        Privatise some state assets
        Don’t go into recession
        etc etc
        To spite all her failings, in hind sight, Jenny would have made an INFINITLY better PM than Helen!!!!!!!

        • Hazards001

          Maybe…but to be honest although I voted for her I couldn’t stand the woman…mealy mouthed kindy teacher that spoke to the public like we were all in mat time.

  • johnbronkhorst

    “89% increase in electricity prices”…from the poster. But I thought shearer and norman said our prices were rising faster than our “competitor” countries (what ever that means?).

    • I just checked power prices at Origin power in Queensland for a comparison: 1Kw from Origin for domestic continuous use – 25c Aus; and In Auckland, 1Kw Meridian including line charges – 21c NZ. and then of course there are incentives here to pay early (not sure whether Origin does the same in Aus). If the problem for Labour is that they don’t want rich pricks to get rich then it is time to look at MPs salaries and start trimming the fat there.

      • johnbronkhorst

        Horizon power, Western Australia…24.88c/kWh
        All Aussie cents.

        • johnbronkhorst

          Just calculated it…at 300kW free per YEAR wouldn’t my saving be
          Calculated…17.82 x 300= 5346c saving per year ie $53.46????or about
          $1 per week?

          • There is so much unknown here: If you were to get 300kw free would you still pay the line charge for it which is very roughly half the cost at present so the saving would be closer to $30?

          • johnbronkhorst

            I excluded the line charge as I notice shearer and norman were very careful to also do. Which begs the question.
            Will shearer and norman increase the line charge to cover the cost of 300kW free? They carefully said nothing about this.

          • My power cost alone from Mercury(not Meridian as mentioned above) including GST is 13.5 cents. So for me 300Kw free wouldn’t pay for chewing gum each week!

          • Gazzaw

            I wonder for how long us Auckland Energy Trust members would continue to get our $300 annual divvy? The commies would be bound to do a deal with Comrade Len so that he finally gets his greasy paws on it.

          • Gazzaw

            National need to get the old flipsheets going Roger Douglas-style and show just how little this initiative is going to benefit Kiwis and how much it is going to cost NZ as a nation in terms of not only hard cash but international credibility. This is a message that has to be delivered to the masses and that is difficult to do with a hostile MSM working against you.

          • Dave

            John, but you have to remember, the labour supporters have it tough, the windows in the state home are broken from too many parties, the lion red crates and doors have all been used as firewood, and that means the electric heater (oven with the door open) goes 24/7 to try and keep warm. They need heaps of power, hence the 3000 kw, its just Shearer mumbled and let it slide from there.

  • Phar Lap

    The Australian Labor Party got into bed with the Australian psycopathic Green Party.They were quite keen to suck up their fantasies which the psychos kept spinning.It took some time for the ALP to realise,they were being eaten,by the human preying mantis like Greens ,even smothering them with their demands.At last they uncoupled the political bloodsucking pests,it was too little to late.The result the ALP support is in freefall.Hello!NZ LIE-bour Party.

  • cows4me

    I was reading somewhere that a hospital in some small town was facing extra costs of an extra 3-4 million a year in carbon charges, just one hospital. These politicians are quite insane but the real blame lies with the idiots who vote for them. Sadly it appears we have more then our share of stupid people to.

    • James

      You can’t blame the idiots who vote for them though – the unions run the education system and brainwash the kids. It takes a rare school, rare teacher and attentive parents to enable the kids to learn to think for themselves rather than simply regurgitate every Greenpeace / Union lie believing it to be the truth.

      • Gazzaw

        Keeping our young teachers out of the unions’ clutches is the key to that. The majority are non-union despite the best indoctrination efforts of the Training Colleges (sorry read Unis) and staffroom pressure from the old failures who are just hanging around to collect their subsidised super.

  • toby_toby

    Interesting how she’s become a brunette in this picture.