Lord Monckton deals a lesson to “decent journalists, trained and skilled”

Following yesterdays post on Lord Christopher Monckton I thought it unfair to lay all the blame entirely with the scientists, taxpayer funded climate change alarmists. Also to blame was the Herald,  showing another example of how “decent  journalists, trained and skilled” conduct investigative journalism (or lack thereof) and publish skewed misinformation in an effort to push a biased agenda. Last Tuesday The Horrid ran this story  on Lord Christopher Monckton, only they forgot to interview him for his response about it. Instead, they approached three New Zealand scientists…who are all troughers that suck on the taxpayer teat one way or another to be alarmed about global warming…and published their cheap one lined personal attacks without a right of reply where they would have been better served addressing his agenda and trying to prove why in their eyes he is wrong. The story the Horrid published was titled Kiwi scientists rally against climate change sceptic.

As any intelligent man would, Lord Monckton took exception to this atrocious excuse for journalism. Here is his response he submitted to the New Zealand Climate Science Coalition followed by his letter to the Herald Editor.

Dear all, – The letter below, which by this email I am inviting the New Zealand Herald to publish, would help to set the factual record straight. If it is not printed, or if any of the factual inaccuracies that it corrects are edited out before publication, in ten days’ time a complaint will go in the first instance to the Press Council for adjudication of the question whether the offending article was accurate, fair and balanced and whether APNZ and the Herald behaved correctly in printing it without their “journalist” having put to me the numerous scandalously inaccurate statements the “journalist” seems to have invited them to make. 

I shall invite the Press Council to determine the question whether the Herald has given balanced coverage to both sides of the debate on the climate, having regard not only to the present article but to its previous record of publication on the climate “science” issue.

I shall also be complaining to the universities of some of the “scientists” cited in the article, on grounds of serious breach of ethical standards. I shall be inviting the authorities in the United Kingdom to remove the name of one of the universities concerned from the list of academic institutions whose degrees are recognized in Britain.

The reason why none of the “scientists” who were so willing to be cavalier with the truth in the article will debate with me is that they are well aware that if they are as malevolently inaccurate about climate “science” as they were about me their inaccuracies will be exposed. 
It is articles such as this that demonstrate how low the standards both of “scientists” and of “journalists” have sunk, and how far the profession has travelled from the days when both sides of an argument could be fairly and accurately put. 

I have attached some recent material, for interest. The paper on climate economics has been accepted for publication in the Annual Proceedings of the World Federation of Scientists, now in its 45th year of publication. My expert-review comments on the forthcoming Fifth Assessment Report will, I hope, demonstrate that I have taken a constructive approach.

For the sake of correcting the factual record, I am inviting the Climate Science Coalition to post up and circulate widely a copy of my letter to the editor correcting the slew of malicious inaccuracies in the Herald’s article as soon as the Herald has published it, so as to minimize the intended damage to my reputation.

When I used to be a journalist, I was taught that one should check the facts before trashing someone’s reputation. It is significant that the “journalist” responsible for the Herald’s inaccurate article failed to make contact either with me or with any of those organizing my tour (whose contact details we can prove he had) before publishing his serial, serous inaccuracies. He should be thoroughly ashamed of his grossly unprofessional misconduct.

In my day, when journalists still followed ethical standards of accuracy, an article this contrived, this slovenly and this inaccurate would have led to the instant dismissal of the “journalist” who had perpetrated it. – M of B


Letter to the Editor, New Zealand Herald: for publication, please

Sir, – Kiwi scientists rally against climate change sceptic (April 2) twice describes me as a climate change “denier”. That hate speech is inaccurate. I do not deny we can change the climate: I question how much we do.

The statement that “New Zealand’s top climate change scientists have rallied together to slam” me is inaccurate. A news agency reporter incited several scientists to comment. He did not let me reply.

The statement that I say “New Zealanders … shouldn’t be worried about rising temperatures or sea levels” inaccurately implies they are rising worryingly. Yet the IPCC’s climate-science head says warming has paused for 17 years. Sea level has risen for eight years at just 3.2 cm/century.

The statement that I oppose emissions trading because it is “too expensive” is inaccurate. I oppose it because it is cost-ineffective.

The statements that I have “no training” and “no scientific training” and have “studiously avoided learning anything about science” are inaccurate. I studied mathematics during my Cambridge degree course, have published several scientific and economic papers on climate change in learned journals, have lectured on climate at faculty level, and was last year’s Nerenberg Lecturer in Mathematics at the University of Western Ontario.

The unevidenced statements that I say things scientists “know are not true” and “pick data and statistics to suit [my] argument” are inaccurate.

The statement that I once argued for the quarantine of AIDS patients “in internment camp-like facilities” is inaccurate. I argued that, though quarantine (with no mention of internment camps) is the standard public-health response to a new, incurable and fatal infection, Western sensibilities would make it impossible. Tens of millions would die. Sadly, they did.

The statement that “the world’s leading scientists” predict the world will “heat up by 3% this century” is inaccurate. They predict 3 Cº warming, up 1%. Their predictions in all four IPCC Assessment Reports have proven exaggerated.

The implication that I deny any increase in greenhouse gases is inaccurate. I do not deny it: I question whether it matters.

The statement that I “promote [my]self as an ‘expert reviewer’ for the IPCC’s forthcoming Fifth Assessment Report”, implying I am not one, is inaccurate. I satisfied the IPCC that my publication record justified my appointment.

Yours faithfully,

Monckton of Brenchley, Tangowahine

Unsurprisingly, after this letter to the Herald they retrospectively added “Read the latest: Climate change sceptic rejects criticism as ‘hate speech’ ”

Isn’t that nice. Better late than never. Just a pity it had to be forced by someone far more intelligent.



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  • cows4me

    Go Lord Monckton, stick it up the diseased fuckers. At least Monckton has the clout to challenge these ideologically driven fruitcakes. When I challenge my local rag on climate change issues my letter simply doesn’t get printed. One really has to wonder if our media outlets in this country are taking backhands to shove this shit down our throats. Or have the fools invested in that Ponzi scheme that is carbon credits and are trying desperately to convince us to buy in, who knows. I guess they believe if they tell the lie long enough it becomes the truth, it won’t for me.

    • Travis Poulson

      It must be pissing off these scientists who are paid by us to keep pushing this lie down our own throats have someone like Lord Monckton keep pointing out that there has been a pause in global warming for 20 years.

      • cows4me

        Yeah Travis I bet some are starting to piss blood, I was hoping for breach front property by now, such were the predictions. Looks like I may have to wait another 10,000 years.

        • Travis Poulson

          You could be on to a winner there, subdivide the farm and sell beachfront properties

          • cows4me

            Not in my lifetime mate.

  • Pissedoffyouth

    Again, no wonder APN in going to the dogs – NZ herald is printed on paper, Greenie fuckwits want to stop trees getting cut down. Slight conflict of interest.

    I don’t know any lefties who buy the herald anyway, its mostly middle age businessmen on a local flight, and old people who read it.

    Talk about catering to the wrong market

  • Steve R

    Try reading this article . This was in the herald online yesterday . Its is such bad journalism I had to force myself to read it .

    It’s a interview about nothing , a complete waste of paper / bites .

    Now I fully understand why msm is in so much trouble and why people seem o be turning to blogs and “underground ” media for real news .


    • Macca

      WOW! If ever there was an example as to why we need a better education system ie. Charter, it was that article!

      • Steve R

        Or at least a better way of training journalists . Hell I think I could do a better interview and article with my 50% school C english . hahah

        • spollyike

          How do they get jobs as journalists?? Oh, i know: “do you support the green party or labour, are you gay or lesbian, do you believe in global warming and feminism, etc….is how the interview would go”.

    • Sponge

      Jesus H Christ. I tried reading that 3 times bit I simply could not bring myself to get to the end. If one of my children (aged 9 and 10) produced something like this I would be massively disappointed in myself as a parent yet this shit gets published in a national newspaper?

      • Travis Poulson

        “I did say: “But I wanted to ask about the trots in the trenches!” But he was no longer speaking to me. Not. A. Word. He had got the huff and walked out of the interview.”

        It wasn’t worth reading from that point on. How juvenile,and amateur styled reporting. Dogs arse, pig shit, toilet seat reporting. Of course he walked out, why would you stay to listen such a pitiful attempt at an interview. How did this incompetent buffoon get a job.

  • Kacanga

    Wow, Michelle Hewittson should be a politician. She interviews a man, then writes a whole page full of absolute drivel totally avoiding any mention of that man’s actual message.

    Well done, Michelle, your application form for standing as a Labour MP is in the mail.

  • spollyike

    Lord Monckton should give John Key some lessons in handling the pile of socialist slag that forms the MSM in NZ. We have unbalanced media here, no-one except fortunately a few blog sites represents any alternative views from a right/conservative or any view that doesn’t fit the narrow minded socialist UN type agenda. Imagine if Key learnt a few tricks from this guy the watermelons would be toast, the homosexuals would STFU, and the maori troughers would be told where to go. Not to mention we wouldn’t have to sell assets because by standing up to the I.W.I. troughers the country would save the 1.5 billion a year we spend on appeasing them now and in a few years we would have saved the equivalent of a couple of a power company or three!

  • Dion

    The Herald…Balanced coverage?

    The man clearly knows nothing about New Zealand.

  • rangitoto

    Interesting blog report on an interview of Freeman Dyson:

    “Climatologists are no Einsteins, says his successor”


  • Mr_Blobby

    Come on people, hands up, whose been reading the Horrid.

    If they stopped putting the black ink on the paper it would back good backup toilet paper.