Manufacturing a story the Herald way

An observant reader emails:

Hi Cameron,

I had a dejadejavu when I saw this story this morning. Could it really be?

Yes, I’ve found the links on their own website! (see below)…. the Herald has run this totally speculative story THREE times, and almost identically I think.


March 22:


March 25:


April 8:


What on earth are the Herald attempting to do here…is this all Edward Gay can think of to write?


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  • Michael

    To be fair Cameron it’s not really the job of a Herald reporter to go out and find a worthy news story, or research an article…. oh wait.

  • richard.b

    The thing that gets me with this is that all three articles are slightly different.

    This was not an accidental re-submit of the same story.
    He made a concise effort to alter the content each time.
    Makes me wonder……. does he get paid by the word and is this triple dipping?

    • Dave

      Yes…. it’s a slow news day, they ran out of stories to twist and blame National or JK, so, oh well, on to “SOG” again. The readers right, when the Herald is short of a store, forget good investigative journalism, just rehash a dead story.

  • parorchestia

    Stuttering repetition is in style on the left.

  • Steve (North Shore)

    It’s a computer glitch