Maryan Street pimps the poor: “All I want is a house in Nelson”

sdfsddfsdA solo mum with 5 kids under 10 can’t find anywhere to live in Nelson.  So ex-housing Minister and scum list MP Maryan Street sees an opportunity to score some cheap pimping points.

A Nelson mother of five children aged under 10 has five days to find her family a new home, after Housing New Zealand could not find her a large enough house in Nelson.

The solo mother and her children, aged 9 to 2, have been living in a leaky garage at her sister’s place for six months, but have to move out as her sister is shifting.

They shifted to Nelson to escape a violent ex-partner, and the woman does not want to be named for fear he will track her down. All she wants, she says, is a better future for her children.

The 33-year-old said she had worked with Housing NZ for 10 weeks after she failed to find a rental home in the competitive Nelson market. She said landlords did not even return her phone calls.

“All I want is a house in Nelson. It could have one room, two rooms or three rooms. As long as we’ve got a house, I don’t care.

Regular readers will know what’s coming now.


Yes, 176 Nelson rental properties are available on TradeMe right now.

Apparently, housing New Zealand did offer her a house in Blenheim.  But guess what?  She doesn’t want to live there.  She’s moved to Nelson, and is already so settled in after a few weeks, she can’t stand the idea of uprooting her children and her extensive social connections she has made while she’s been there.

Housing NZ offered her a four-bedroom house in Blenheim, but the woman does not drive and has no other way of getting there.

She also wants to remain in Nelson because her children, after numerous moves, are settled and she wants them to remain at the same school.

[Nelson MP and Housing Minister Nick Smith] said the woman’s case was concerning but he wanted to investigate it before commenting further.

He said demand for housing in Nelson was particularly tight, with 1500 to 2000 people moving to the region from Christchurch. There were also a lot of seasonal workers here at this time of the year.

Dr Smith said Housing NZ throughout the country had a shortage of smaller and larger homes, which was a challenge he was working on. He understood that the woman wanted to remain in Nelson for the sake of her children, but in her circumstances the Blenheim house was not unreasonable.

Since when do we have people who have no income, no job and no prospects tell a government agency that they will not accept a home in Blenheim, when they’ve moved to Nelson less than a year ago, and are now so “settled”, that they can’t possibly move?

Oh, and by the way?  How many 33 year olds with 5 kids under 10 that has a sister in Nelson who escaped an abusive relationship can there be?  Well done Nelson Mail and Maryan Street.  There is no way at all that the abusive partner can figure this out.


Source:  Nelson Mail


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  • hazardsareonitsok

    Lots of good dope in Nelson?

    • motorizer


  • motorizer

    5 kids under 10? cant drive? ex partner abusing?


    Whats her problem?

  • Maryann Street pathologically hates all males without exception; some of the women’s children are boys – so why is she helping them? Street is totally lacking in principles and will do anything to get votes (albeit with zero success as election results show).

    But this sounds like just what Nelson needs – a stupid, igorant, unemployable solo Mother with 5 kids moving there; give them a month and the kids will be stealing and disrupting the other children in their class at school.

  • Justsayn

    Don’t be a prick.

    We can pull the shit out of the mum, sure that is easy, but the kids didn’t ask to have her as their mum or a dad that gave her (and them?) the bash. Think of the kids a bit before YOU try the same trick as Street.

  • cows4me

    Why don’t they move in with Maryan? Or are her socialist ideals only for public consumption and not consistent with her private life? Just another hollow, vacuous woman.

  • Dave

    Whoa – Back up the Bus. I have moved all over NZ to keep myself in work, or to run a business here and there, and am now in Aussie as there was a better opportunity. She moved to NELSON with 5 kids, and after 6 months yet has NO money, HOW DID SHE GET TO NELSON ???? …….. Landlords DONT return calls as she probably has a terrible record, and possibly cant pay a bond!! Surely after the Garage, a 2 bedroom unit would seem like a mansion, 3 bedrooms sheer luxury. All she needs is a small lounge/dining with a kitchen, mum and oldest in one bedroom, two bunksets in another room for the other 4 problem solved. She CAN use a garage as a bedroom, as she DOESNT have a car!!! Perhaps WINZ can help her find a job amongst that massive social network she has established in 6 months! Or, is that social network derived from WINZ VIP (frequent clients) list ? Yes, I am very skeptical, if she was truely concerned she would accept almost anything.

  • FIVE fucking kids under TEN

    fuck i hate people

    • Yes. The abusive relationship was fruitful, wasn’t it?

  • Justsayn

    I think we should take the kids in. We have an agency to do that for us, CYFS. Mum can have them back when she is sorted.

  • Mr Sackunkrak

    The Warehouse. A tent for less than $300. Plenty of National Parks around Nelson. Pleased to have been of assistance.

    • NotForTurning

      Your $300 if you must – not mine from my taxes.

  • Colin Cloudesley

    I think it is about time the people who are being paid out by us Tax payers are told what too do and where to live, is it better to have a house over your head and live in a nice town or would you prefer us to take the children, and you go and live with your sister until you have found a place???? CHEAP SHOOT LABOUR.

  • rockape

    Lots of residential caravan sites around Nelson. Its the end of the tourist season so plenty available some with 3 rooms and cheap.

  • I call bullshit on an adult and 5 kids staying in a one car garage when her sister is living it up in the house. What sort of sister sends her sister with 5 kids to sleep in a dingy small garage when they can at least sleep in the house somewhere?

    Well done Nelson Mail and Maryan Street. Another load of lies masquerading as news.

  • How about the mum think of the kids? A nice appropriate home has been offered, and instead she’ll accept “anything” in Nelson, even a 1 bedroom place.

    Who is thinking about the children here?

    • Justsayn

      Agree, take them off her as she is clearly incapable of making rational decisions about their care

  • Phar Lap

    Seems Street is a list MP bludger getting a couple hundred thousand dollars a year for doing fuck all.Surely she could put the dont want Blenheim reject up in a five star hotel ,and still have plenty left.

  • SJ00

    Yeah Maryan should offer her garage up, at least it won’t leak like her current living arrangement does. Isn’t Street from Auckland? Whats she doing down in Nelson anyway? Maybe she drove the holiday highway the wrong way or she has her own nest egg down there.

  • SJ00

    No name.. damn. I was looking forward to the facebook photos of the family drinking, smoking and playing with their new cellphones. Looking sad of course. Mum only got us a Galaxy S II not the S III :(

  • Justsayn

    I’m happy for my taxes to pay for a place for the kids to live and be properly cared for, but the mum can go and get stuffed until she has her priorities straight.

    • NotForTurning

      My taxes already go towards a perfectly good gutter.

  • Blair Mulholland

    She could always stay with Stewart Murray Wilson… I hear his house is free…

  • Dion

    Yes her socialist “principles” are for other people.

  • cruiseyman

    I want a house in Nelson too because that is where I am from and I love it but my husband and I own a business in CHCH (where I hate living) and it doesn’t make financial sense for us to move back there. Anyone wanna sort my life out for me, find us a house, job etc in the city I’d prefer to be? Ha ha. Freaking loser

  • Patrick

    Can I have a house in Nelson (4 bed of course) overlooking that deep blue sea so I can watch the planes coming in to land with the mountains in the background. Spent an afternoon doing that drinking cold beers in one of the old boatsheds on the water a few years back & really feel I deserve to be able to do that all the time. In fact I demand it – it is my right, my entitlement.

  • parorchestia

    Yet another demonstration of the evils of MMP – we get list MPs with too much time and money doing rubbish like this.