Merely weeks into the job Duncan Garner jumps the shark

Radio Live is slowly spiraling towards a self inflicted death.  They are getting stale and are bleeding talent.

Duncan Garner was to be the Great Hope in taking on the king of the drive-time slot, ZB’s Larry Williams.



I bet Garner gets home and takes two showers while he cries to himself for leaving his last job.




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  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    he he he – Puff Pastry Garner deserves this much more. No sympathies bro.

  • boristhefrog

    I heard the segment… well part of it before I tuned to another station (George)… but before the chicken guy Garner was yapping with Marcus Lush about his show in the morning… terrible radio!!

  • Bleeding “talent”?! Shome mishtake, surely?

    • Only Lush and Karen & Andrew are holding things together now. Unfortunately they bookend what should be the best ratings parts of the day.

  • It is a wonder Radio Live bothers – they have 50,000 listeners nationwide because they are a marxist radio station.
    If it were me I would sack everyone, turn it right wing and pro National (tapping into 1 million voters and potential listeners), then watch the ratings soar and advertising dollars roll in.

    • ” 50,000 listeners nationwide”

      Radio Live has only half the audience this blog has? Wow.

      • Yes their ratings are pathetic – Auckland 2.2%; Wellington 2.3%; Waikato/BOP 3.4%; Christchurch 4.7%; Dunedin 3.8% – that adds up to about 50,000 and most of their advertisers only pay about $10 per 30 commercial and are on a “buy one spot, get 83 for free” deal haha!

  • Doug

    Would Duncan Garner still wear a red tie in front of the microphone?

  • Hazards001

    Mitchell Wahl…the x factor chicken man? I’d ask…but really…do I want to know?

  • Hang him

    that drive show was good when paul Henry, then Maggie Barry did it, I can stand Garner, he is full of himself.

  • Lopsy

    No alternative points of view on RadioDeadhead any more. Lush the soft left in the am, Mr PC spent too long at National Radio until noon, a pig ignorant Maori nationalist and his lawyer mate who is trying desperately to get onto the Labour list until 3.00 and then Mr Labour himself, drunken Duncan. Don’t the silly buggers want to show a profit? Oops I said a dirty word!!

    • Tony

      Yep – I liked Laws who shook things up. Now that he has left there is no point. The twits in the afternoon are both failures. I’m glad that JT can speak maori b/c he cannot speak english – and the lies are just amazing

  • Never in the dark…..

    Garner has a radio show? Take on Larry?? Who thought that one up?

    The only time his ratings might blip is when Susan Wood is sitting in for Larry, but then there are so many better stations to pick from.

    I had a market research guy call last week with respect to “media”, a number of the questions in the radio segment harped on about Radio NZ and Radio Live. I suggested they skip those questions as I don’t think any of my radios even have those frequencies on their respective dials.

  • worksux

    I used to listen to it but found out I was thieving racist coloniser according to Jackson and Tamahere. There used to be balance with Michael Laws in the morning, but now that he has gone its not worth listening to, unless you like left wing and Maori issues.

  • Colin Cloudesley

    When Laws left I left too, all you get is a couple of guys talking about themselves all one sided, Media works need to have a look at the rating, be interesting?
    Every time I listen to those 2 I need to go to happy therapy to come right again.