Moa attack caught on camera



H/T: CrunchBang


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  • blokeintakapuna

    That’s some mighty fine drumsticks!

    Rumour has it Tegal have cloned Moa DNA with a centipede and have produced 8 legged massive chickens. No one knows what it will taste like yet though, as they haven’t been able to catch them yet…

  • spollyike

    Don’t worry the “maoris” will claim it and they will establish customary rights to hunt and eat moa. No-one else of any other race will be allowed to catch and eat moa unless maori provide a permit which requires a certain amount of KOHA!

    • manuka416

      You won’t miss out spollyike, I’ll sell you some :) Hangi or BBQ?

      • spollyike

        As long as it’s “manuka416” smoked!

        • manuka416


  • BJ

    Looks like Helun in Big Birds suit

  • LionKing

    A decent high powered hunting rifle should be able to knock the bastard off quite nicely.

    • spollyike

      Who the moa or manuka416?

  • PlanetOrphan

    Now that’s gotta be a GCSB agent spying on a good clean living Kiwi!.

    • spollyike

      Nah, it’s the maori council chasing ordinary kiwi hunters and trampers out of the urewera’s.

      • PlanetOrphan

        Oh, well that’s OK then.

  • A|random|reader

    That’s a screen-cap from the Air NZ safety video.

    • A|random|reader

      The scene starts at 3:57

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