Musings on parking via the Tipline

Parking at its best

Since car parking still seems to be trending, here’s a sample of what I found in literally 15 minutes. I personally save the C bomb for those who abuse disabled car parks, but these people are without
question idiots, proving of course that most people – irrespective of their age, race, demographic or sexual orientation – really don’t know how to drive. Although their does seem to be a pattern: shitty cars perhaps = shitty drivers? After all, if you cant park then how are we to trust you won’t misjudge the speed of an oncoming car? P.s for the record I am not part of grey power & I did not get my license out of a weetbix packet.


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  • unsol

    This was courtesy of me – the photos probably don’t outline the sheer incompetence of what I observed. I thought this was interesting primarily because in that 15 minutes of parking in 3 different places in different parts of my region almost every car I saw was parked crooked & either encroaching or almost encroaching on the car parks around them. Thankfully I had our small car that day so exiting from my car park wasn’t a hassle.

    • The photo is not all that clear – but what is wrong with the Suzuki? it doesn’t look like a disabled carpark (sorry unsol not quite following you on this one?!?!)

      • unsol

        Yep its a crap pic but I really cant see how it is not obvious! I have posted a bigger version of the suzuki pic below…..I should have taken the pic from the front but don’t have WO’s balls (where I stood was way more inconspicuous). You just have to look at where the wheels are in relation to the car parks so with the angle of the rear left wheel of the Suzuki it is easy enough to see that their right bumper is right on the line shared with the blue car….the driver had about 50cm to get out of their car :-)

  • Jman

    These aren’t so bad. The purple Suzuki looks like it’s parked almost perfect. I don’t get the point of this post.

    • James

      Within the lines but not straight is bad parking.

    • unsol

      It wasnt – all three were on wicked angles with the Suzuki being the worst offender – its nose was on the line of the carpark with the blue car…despite the blue car also using crooked as the new straight…..I’m not as brave as WO so didn’t want to stand around getting the perfect shot!

      • Did you perhaps have the wrong photo up the top? are you sure you are meaning the Suzuki and not the green car on its right? (sorry to sound thick but I can’t see anything wrong with the Suzuki unsol haha)

        • unsol

          All 3 were parked on wicked angles with each car getting progressively worse so all 3 deserve a photo of shame…the green car was a shocker but to their left was a huge drive way of sorts so they at least werent obstructing anything

          Will be braver next time & post clearer pictures….:p

  • unitedtribes

    I can only see one problem!

  • Mr_Blobby

    I think we are getting a bit carried away with the whole parking thing.

    What do you want people out there with a tap measure.

    I think you need to get a life.

    • Perhaps a tape measure

      • Mr_Blobby

        Thank you for that, tape. But it did seem to turn unsols tap on.

    • unsol

      I disagree – bad car parking is almost synonymous with bad driving. It also demonstrates a lack of basic intellect, common sense, consideration for others, respect for the damage vehicles can cause & pride in oneself (people should have some self-respect & park their car properly so they don’t look like a moron).

      • Andy C

        So you can either be anal, or an idiot. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t…

      • Dumrse

        Your parking examples are questionable as is the rest of your road code knowledge…….Down hill traffic will give way to uphill traffic.

        • unsol

          Dumrse & a smart arse eh. Good spotting – I meant the opposite of course as it is a common rule that few know…whether mountain biking or driving….just like staying left unless passing on motorways etc

          As for the examples my explanations make up for the poor photography; if you think parking crooked is OK then clearly you are one of the drivers most likely to being snapped being…you guess it, a dumrse :p

      • Hazards001

        I’m all for parking in the middle of an isle too..could use some R&R …aisle maybe Ms Perfect? :-)

        • unsol

          Smarty pants 5-0 first set :)

          • Hazards001

            All in good fun :-)

          • unsol

            Of course Mr [almost as] Perfect [as-me]! :p

          • Hazards001

            Bwaaaaaaaaaaah hahahahahhaha I have more floors than the Empire State Building! :-D….yes I know…(flaws)

  • tarkwin

    Surprised I haven’t shown up yet – parking was never my forte.

    • Mr_Blobby

      When I get the time I intend to dob myself in.

  • reacharound

    lol these pics that don’t show any fault are perhaps worse than all those nz horrid pics you rip on

  • Travis Poulson

    I managed to park like a cunt with perfection yesterday when I stopped at the fruit shop to grab some fruit for smoko, 4 parks! Frickin nailed it. Was a bit peeved no photos got sent in of me hogging 4 out of 40 empty parks.

    • Mr_Blobby

      I reckon with my trailer I will make 5 parks.

    • Sarrs

      I can totally take up 4 parks in my wee lancer…just park half way through the top line and half way through the side line. You park right on an X and as we all know X marks the spot, you’ll never forget where you left your car. It’s like going on a treasure hunt every time you leave a shop.

    • unsol

      I suspect you omitted the most pertinent information… were in your truck!

  • cows4me

    This is how the Taliban started, may I suggest The New Zealand Road Code for your Koran, there is a whole section on parking.

    • Mr_V4

      dpf should be worried, whale will probably execute him for his parking crimes.

  • thehawkreturns


  • Mr_V4

    You guys are setting a high standard, what are some of these people to do?

    Park, then get out their laser guided GPS survey equipment to make sure they are perpendicular to the nearest building?