“No grounds to proceed”

The Advertising Standards Authority people must love their jobs.

Check this out.

Complaint: The television advertisement for Libra Invisible sanitary pads featured a woman in bed being woken by her friend who said: “Wakey Wakey, time for boot camp.” The woman in bed groaned and told her friend” It’s freezing, and I’ve got my period.”

The friend threw the woman in bed a pack of sanitary pads and said “we are leaving in 5.” As the two women sit in the car watching a men work out at a rugby practice said: I love boot camp. “Oh my God he’s looking, oh my God” as they hid beneath the seat.

So far so good.

Now for the complainant’s view of it.

Complainant, I. Ridsdale, said “as the girls get excited by watching one of the guys, one of them says ‘My body’s leaking.’ ” The Complainant said this was totally distasteful way to advertise the product. 

Well, that does seem rather distasteful, and even though I don’t think it’s enough for a complaint, I can understand why I. Ridsdale felt justified in writing to the ASA.

However, I Ridsdale needs his/her ears checked out

The Chairman noted the concerns of the Complainant. However, after watching the advertisement the Chairman said the Complainant had misheard the words spoken by the girl who actually said “Oh my God he’s looking.”

Accordingly, the Chairman ruled that there were no grounds for the complaint to proceed.

via superficialgallery.com

via superficialgallery.com


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  • Auto_Immune

    This post just made my day.

  • Patrick

    More to the point, if an advertisement showed men ogling women in skimpy kit the condemnation from womens groups would be deafening. There are a number of recent advertisements showing blokes as thickoes totally reliant on their female partners superior intelligence. I don’t mind that but we need to grow up & show a bit of maturity, what is good for the goose is good for the gander.

    • Turn the TV off Patrick. Life actually goes on, and you will still know what goes on in a general sense. Just skimming the headlines for 5 minutes a day, dipping into one or two articles for some additional detail, and you’re just as informed but a lot less abused.

  • 4077th

    I. Ridsdale is a cloth eared old busy body and needs to get a fucking life. It’s one thing to create a bogus complaint due to cloth ear syndrome but worse still keeping those flowery hat wearers at the ASA in a job.

  • hazardsareonitsok

    My body is leaking

  • hazardsareonitsok

    also, where is the source for this?

  • tarkwin

    Nobody takes me seriously anymore.

  • Dave

    The reply to Ridsdale only needed a few words.

    Get your ears cleaned or a hearing aid, get a life, and as Petal says, turn your TV off, self censorship works fucking well!

  • LesleyNZ

    Can’t stand any of those awful Libra Invisible sanitary pad adverts

  • Mr_Blobby

    If you don’t like the message change the Chanel.

    The same nut jobs get upset when I tell them to mind there own business.

  • Steve (North Shore)

    Novus, show us your crack

  • Sarrs

    It takes all sorts. If this (I’m assuming) older chap hadn’t misheard this ad, we wouldn’t have a source for giggling at work. ‘My body’s leaking’ bahahahaha you all have to admit, it’s pretty hilarious.