No sympathy from Gareth Morgan over cats killed in his name



It appears people are getting Gareth’s message and starting their own cat eradication programmes in their own neighbourhoods.  It has the cat fanciers understandably upset.

Gareth Morgan’s confused by the recent antics of cat advocates in the Bay of Islands.

Cat lovers in Paihia have been outraged by photos on Facebook of cats caught in a number of traps.

The group believes Gareth Morgan is to blame, following his spate of calls to get rid of stray felines.

This follows the story of the people in Northland sorting out their cat problems citing Gareth Morgan as their spiritual leader.

Don’t expect him to have any sympathy though.

“We catch a possum in a trap, do we think that that’s cruel? Then catch a wandering cat in that same trap and apparently it’s cruel so some people have a very distorted view of what cruelty is.”

Gareth Morgan plans to bring in a new campaign for Wellington that would let native wildlife flourish in specific areas around the capital that would be pest-free.

Morgan’s campaign is essentially licensing cat haters to get out there and lay waste to the neighbourhood cat populations under the guise of helping out Gareth.

If this continues, this is going to put the SPCA and Forest and Bird up as arch enemies.

And the way Gareth is going?  This is only the start of the nationwide cat cull – sanctioned or otherwise.


Source:  ZB


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  • We have always known Gareth Morgan hates profits – as thousands of long suffering and impoverished Gareth Morgan Investments clients will attest; it is probably not surprising to learn Gareth Morgan also hates pussy.

  • Mr_Blobby

    Word is it tastes a bit like chicken.

    • Justsayn

      You clearly don’t get down enough. Fishy maybe, chicken no.

  • Honcho

    Read that article then went and checked out the ecologists website, striesand effect. Found no evidence of cruelty, only that or a well managed pest eradication program similar to what we have locally around a kiwi release area.
    The article was little more then an opinion piece spun to support the nutter cat fanciers who are supporting a feral pest population next to an ecologically sensitive area. The simple truth is no pet has been hurt, the ecologists supplied free bell collars to any locals with pet cats, yet the fanciers have assaulted these ecologists, have threatened them and sent them hate mail, who are the radicals here?

  • David Broome

    If Gareth was a Buddhist, in a former life, do you think he might have been a rat?

    • Gazzaw

      He still is David.

  • Ronnie Chow

    I heard a Morepork in suburban Wellington for the first time ever last night .

    Go gettim’ all , Gareth .

    • David Broome

      I am in my 40’s and have lived all over NZ and Morepork mate are commonplace. Cats are lazy opportunistic day time hunters but are ace night-time hunters and go for rats, mice and rabbits (ours is prolific with rodents, sometimes she brings them in, other times, we find the bodies outside). Every rat she kills saves two birds; natives especially so no, Gareth is wrong unless you like rodents.

      • Gazzaw

        The DoC people at the Maungatapere ‘inland island’ nature reserve have said that once an area is cleared of rats, mice & feral cats it is the rodents that come back first and without feral cats to control them the birdlife is wide open to the predations of rats & mice. That’s difficult to accept for the cat- haters but then that’s nature.

      • Ronnie Chow

        My cat was good with sparrows and mice , the dog could bark a ‘possum out of a tree and then eat it . Since the video of the ‘possum eating birds eggs emerged , the pest control landscape changed for DOC .
        Do cats eat birds eggs , and will native birds slowly displace introduced ones ?

  • Kacanga

    A cat’s intelligence compared to a possum is as the average person’s intelligence compared to Gareth Morgan’s

    • Ronnie Chow

      ‘possums are Australian , mate .

  • paul scott

    If you think Gareth Morgan is nuts, well read her.
    He has a clinical syndrome called the Icarus syndrome, which means to him , that because he has previous wealth and success he knows more than any of us, and nothing will deter him.
    Trouble is we can’t get rid of him to Australia where they would laugh him out of the tree he is in.
    But don’t trust me read about his amazing capital tax, the most ludicrous pompous green socialist tax ever proposed.

  • Phil

    How about we extend Morgans plan to include cat owners as well. Nothing but a bunch of sad lonely feminine types clutching self help books and iphones.

  • Sean Kearney

    Morgan it seems needs something or someone to hate.

    • an unbelievably daft statement if ever there was one. How do you arrive at that conclusion ,based on the well published conservation aspirations of the man. So DOC and regional councils all over NZ that kill cats on a daily basis and as required practice…are haters as well?

  • cat eradication has been going on NZ for decades. Its DOC policy to treat cats on their lands as pest for one thing! Morgan is simply advocating ‘cat control’ with an aspirational goal of a cat free NZ.