North Korean missiles under watch

Foreign Policy reports:

U.S. and South Korean authorities?continue to monitor?the medium-range missiles that North Korea has moved to its east coast for signs of a possible launch. The five Musudan missiles could theoretically reach U.S. bases in Guam, though it’s not known if they have been tested at that distance.

Despite the missile threat, the North appears to be toning down its rhetoric after a month of near daily threats against the South and its allies. The country has begun inviting visitors in anticipation of celebrations on Monday for the birthday of the country’s founding father, Kim Il-sung.

I think maybe Kim Jong-un might have had a report that the Chinese are extremely unlikely to jump in and help them if they provoke a shooting war. my China sources report that though the lower levels of Chinese society have some sympathy with North Korea it is the generals and politicians who are wise to the trade implications on entering a shooting war with their biggest trade partner the USA.?

North Korea is actually alone in this and the fat fool running the country has painted himself into a corner.

After categorically rejecting early talks with the North, the South Korean government is also?easing its rhetoric, with unification minister Ryoo Kihl-jae saying in a televised speech on Thursday, “We hope the North Korean authorities come out to the dialogue table.”

Earlier that day, President Park Geun-hye had invited a group of foreign investors to the presidential Blue House to reassure them that her country has seen “dramatic economic growth and democratization in the past 60 years despite the provocations and threats from North Korea.”

Taiwan has become the first country to?warn its citizens?to delay travel to South Korea due to the risk of war.

The risk of some shooting is reasonably high, but I don’t think the North Koreans have contemplated just how quickly their forces could be reduced with advances in technology. having you air force interdicted and destroyed in days and your artillery and infrastructure disposed of with smart munitions, round the clock air strikes, cruise missiles and stealth bomber sorties will demoralise the troops. Once food is affected then the general populace won’t take kindly either to developments.