Now look who hasn’t coughed up the membership fee

There are pretty solid rumours going around that Labour is flat broke. They have launched their Kiwibuild policy via parliamentary services which is an indicator of poverty in the party coffers.

But the sure fire way to ascertain whether or not a party is broke is if they maintain their international memberships like Socialist International.


Source: Socialist International member page

Labour is listed in the  “Observer parties”, behind Full Members and Consultative Members…the 3rd class so speak. The link still works to the NZLP.

How do you get to be an Observer party?


Source: Socialist International member page

By not paying your fees. I wonder how long before it changes?


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  • Gazzaw

    Strange……it isn’t as if labour is a stranger to international currency transactions.

  • Rodger T

    The taxpayer had better not have to bail these arseholes out!

    • you can almost guarantee thats how the green party paid their fee

    • StupidDisqus

      But of course we will as soon as we get into government.

      Can you say “organization training support” or some such shit paid to the PPTA, NZEI & PSA.

      Of course you can. Hellen shoveled millions directly to unions, and millions more by making unionism compulsory in the state sector. If you *ever* wanted a pay rise you had to be in the union – and then half of every pay rise went straight to the Labour party.

  • Michael

    Labour isn’t flat broke, they have a couple of dozen of buildings they can sell. But I suspect the Unions aren’t funding the party while Shearer is in charge.

  • Heh; socialists sponging off other socialists. That makes a pleasant change from sponging of those of us who are more productive.

  • williamabong

    They need to ask Sheep for a loan, perhaps if they some policies that appealed to real voters they might have some cash in the tin instead of the rampant fagot, trade unionist, social engineers that they seem to have become,.
    That you Helen and Heather your legacy will linger on for a very long time.

  • Jimmie

    Surely if Socialist International were true socialists then they would raise a levy off all the full members to cover the cost of Labour’s fees.

    Obviously it is through no fault of their own that Labour are unable to pay their fee so being great believers in universal welfare why don’t the rest of them chip in to help Labour out?

    • AnonWgtn

      They have not got enough full members. They are still hiding their actual membership numbers.
      it is the unions who fund the Labour Party, plus a handful of hacks.

  • That the socialists don’t have 2 beans to rub together should surprise noone; they are an empty shell, have fewer than 1200 paid up members and exist solely as a vehicle for personal ambition of their MPs.
    The biggest problem for Labour is when certain MPs retire – Mallard, Dalzell, Dyson, O’Connor, Lees-Galloway, Hipkins, Robertson etc – who hold electorate seats on a personal vote when National has easily won that electorate on the party vote since 2005 or 2008, because once they lose these electorate MPs then the game really is up.

    • blokeintakapuna

      … And that explains why Labour keeps these Klingons long after their use-by date

    • Gazzaw

      Be interesting in Rongotai when King steps aside and Kelly has a go. A bit like Adolf Hitler standing for Tel Aviv Central. The unions will really have to shoehorn her in as mainstream labour will know that they are on a hiding to nothing with Kelly.

      • williamabong

        Doesn’t matter if she can’t get in on the vote the list will see her in, plus there are enough hacks and stooges to ensure this is a given.

        • Gazzaw

          Agreed William but there’s a moral difference isn’t there? Ask Little Andrew whether he would prefer to have been voted in by the popular vote or be there by default making up the numbers. Little’s defeat in New Plymouth was a real kick in the goolies for the union movement.

          • blokeintakapuna

            … And they got a really good run up to the kick too…

        • johnbronkhorst

          The advantage of winning and electorate, is that taxpayer money funds your local office and if you work hard in your local office, you can stay in the public eye for 3 years. That’s why National should aim to win ALL electorates as well as the popular vote. The future for the party, will then be to expand the popular vote and besides it then reduces labour to chasing the popular vote, using their own dwindling funds.

          • williamabong

            Labour don’t actually care, at the end of the day you can be hated by entire country (Fenton), useless as fanny full of snow (Fenton again ), bitter,twisted, and a smackhead (Fenton yet again),but as long as you have worshipped at the right zipper you’re on the list.
            Proof the Labour party is like smoking dope, the harder you suck, the higher you get.

          • blokeintakapuna

            Sledge of the day…

          • StupidDisqus

            That’s why National should aim to win ALL electorates as well as the popular vote

            That’s why National should change the fucking franchise.

            Who wants to win the “popular vote” when more than half of the voters are bludgers! That’s why the current government is … Labour in drag.

  • Anonymouse Coward

    I wonder if the financial situation of Labour is linked to your item yesterday about them proposing to smash SKYTV’s sports broadcast monopoly? Is SKY being set up for the old one two where step one is;

    Clare Curren makes a public statement about SKY having a monopoly and wouldn’t it be a shame if something happened to it.

    Step two is a senior Labour Party person approaching SKY for a donation, in the interests of democracy of course.

    • Tom

      The old adage ‘Don’t fuck with someone who buys ink and paper by the ton’ works for tv too

  • johnbronkhorst

    Just one thing to say……HAHAHAHAHA
    Thrown out of their own party!!!

  • theres nothing more socialist than someone who refuses to pay their bills…. and pleads poverty no less.

  • cows4me

    If support for these arseholes and their soul destroying polices are held in such disdain why does the politics of this country gravitate to the dark side? My belief is that while politicians claim they are right wing they secretly love big government and relish the right to organise peoples lives. One only has to look at how politicians completely ignore the public mood and pass legislation because they know best. Why pay fees to socialist international when you can have your cake and eat it to.

    • For once Cows has written something sensible haha; yes I think they all secretly love big government and 30 personal staff members saying “Yes Minister” and being driven around in a flash car feeling all very important.

      • cows4me

        you really shouldn’t be so kind, You will get me a worrying :-)

  • Patrick

    Labour will tax their MPs like they did to pay back the nearly $800k of electoral finance fraud. Next will be Union memberships increasing & the money will be pushed through backdoors & dodgy arrangements to the Labour Party. These guys are past masters at diverting money to the Labour Party – just ask Mike Williams & Trevor Mallard. Two very dodgy operators.

    • blokeintakapuna

      Their “proud lineup of stars” looks more like the rogues gallery!