NZ Herald official Labour party newspaper now?

The NZ Herald has confirmed all suspicions that they are just a conduit for the Labour party by publishing this article by Rebecca Quilliam today.

I’ll be that plenty of other political parties issued press releases paying tribute to the service of the armed forces. Prime Minister John Key paid a personal tribute in Wellington while attending the dawn parade, while David Shearer was hiding behind the shirt tails of Helen Clark in New York.

It disgusts me that they run a partisan and one-sided, almost word for word Labour’s press release on behalf of the Labour party on Anzac day. it is only one paragraph different, the first one. I can’t believe Rebecca Quilliam put her by-line on it since three quarters of the words aren’t even her own.

How shameful, how embarrassing.



This is the Labour party that had Helen Clark as its leader, a woman who spat at and threw paint over Vietnam veterans when they returned from service. This is the party that harboured conscientious objectors. The same party that had Phil Goff as a leader who flew the North Vietnamese flag from the Centoaph in Auckland the day that Saigon fell. The same party that saw the destruction of the air force the equipping of the army with expensive, and in appropriate equipment.

They shouldn’t be paying tribute, they should be saying sorry.


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  • Mr_Blobby

    The by-line was required because most people don’t know who sheep is.

  • Honcho

    Labour pays tribute? how exactly? …

  • NotForTurning

    And how many troops & veterans vote labour these days?

    zero. and with good reason.

  • Doug

    Rebecca Quilliam’s Overview
    Learn’t her trade at Red Radio, how surprising.
    Current Reporter at APNZ
    Past Senior Reporter at Radio NZ
    Filing editor and Reporter at NZPA

  • Time to abolish MMP to win the next election methinks – time to remind Jack who is master is (if you know what I mean?)

    • Patrick

      Bit late for that unfortunately, Key had the opportunity but goofed it big time. There was plenty of support for throwing out MMP but he couldn’t locate his cajones.

  • Regardless of your views on Vietnam, flying the North Vietnamese flag was just poor taste. Once again Phil Goff’s past makes me respect him less.

  • Ronnie Chow

    From naysaying to pandering . That’s quite a reboot of principles there by Labour .
    They really are the ‘Nothing’ Party , the ‘Nowhere Man’ of politics in NZ .

    Totally shameless.

  • Macca

    This from the same party that all but gutted our Defense Forces and want any of our troops serving overseas to come back! What a bunch of fucken hypocrites!

    The really sad thing is that their own supporters and obviously the MSM are just too blind and stupid to see it!

    • Troy

      I was serving in the Middle East when Phil Goff was Minister of Defence and came on a visit to our area of ops (more of a jolly) and he was simply pathetic, making jokes about little stuff and not addressing the big things. He was an embarassment to the other Forces present and we were glad to see him leave. I’ve watched him recently in the debating chamber going off about morale etc etc… well fuck him… if he had paid attention to his portfolio back then the NZDF wouldn’t be where it is now… if ever there was a hypocritical prick in parliament it’s Goof. Spineless shit.

  • the hypocrisy is unbelievable. labour (true socialist labour) hate these soldiers. these men went to war to fight against the nationalist socialist party and other socialist communist regimes.

  • Whafe

    I always think I will not be surprised what these people on the left will come forward with, but alas, am always stunned. The lies and diatribe from these people is unbelievable.

    Wake up and wise up New Zealanders

  • williamabong

    Fuck Labour, even with every softcock paper and reporter in the land batting for them they still couldn’t win a fucking chook raffle, braindead cunts.

  • steve and monique

    A fitting tribute to our military. But also allowed to happen because of the sacrifice of our Military,and the freedom those troops achieved for us all. It may well have been a different country, if we all chose to do what Helen,and Phil did back then. You both should be ashamed. And I wonder how many more of their ranks(Labour) share their feelings,or joined them in past protests.

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Tories of NZ – Let us get one fact straight. Sheep Shearer is the Prime Minister of this country. So what is wrong with publishing his tribute? Nobody cares about what John Key does. Take it on the chin and move on.

  • Colin Cloudesley

    Love to see some photos of Helen and Phil plus the Greens doing these things, as a photo would help those who vote Labour see what retards they vote for.