NZEI bullies looking to do standover on holdouts

There is angst amongst the member of NZEI. Thankfully it is all over Facebook for us all to read.

Some members are calling for a witch-hunt against members who don’t attend NZEI protests.

So how’s that protest activity going?  Not so impressed with the strong arm tactics to get people to show up.  Naming and shaming now by the NZEI if members don’t comply?

NZEI screenshot

Another teacher (look at the spelling and grammar) is likewise upset at members not showing up:


Over at the NZEI main Facebook page there are plenty of members calling for their union bosses to stop cozying up to National, and take real action including strikes. They clearly have no comprehension of the law regarding strike action and just seen a bunch of militant wankers who really shouldn’t be learnicating our chooldren.

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  • Owl

    lets just give the NZEI some support WO – I mean they increased the wages and salaries bill by $400k last year with more union staff – so you cant deny they have invested more money to connect to their members and I mean they spent $1.8M on strategies and policies – I just cant see how members want to pull out and not get along at the march?

    The mere fact they lost $600k last year is irrelevant

    • unsol


  • richard.b

    Teachers have started eating their own…….

  • unsol

    So the NZEI is now apparently a soft-touch & it is the teachers who are truly militant? That seems to be what I am getting from looking at their FB page.

    Here’s a fun fact for you. One lady who is organising one of the ‘standing up for our kids on April 13’ marches is a cheater. I know the man – he ex husband, that she cheated on.

    What a shame she didn’t apply this principle when she decided to seek solutions in her marriage via a 3rd person & turn her children’s worlds upside down.

    Sad that such claims to having our children’s best interests at heart seem to be so disingenuous where some teachers are concerned.

  • rockape

    Lets hope the teachers have sufficient braincells to see this isnt about the kids its about politics. Not the politics of the teachers but the politics of their union leaders. Mind you the teachers have been dumb enough to keep paying the union for their fat salaries and political posturing so i dont hold out much hope.

  • NotForTurning

    Why is any of is legal?

    Why – after for years of supposedly capitalist government – is it still legal?

    Surely we should at least complain to the registration council regarding conduct incompatible with remaining a registered teacher?

  • Christine mcCartney

    I have not now or have ever been a teacher. I am not now nor ever have been a member of any teachers union, . My ill considered comment referred to the location of the planned protest organised by the NZEI and I was grumping at the NZEI organisers quite unfairly as it happens. Tomorrows Union organised march will be attended by ordinary mums, dads and grandparents even great grandparents like myself in support of the New Zealand education system . The march I referred to attending previously was organised by and for parents and friends of Christchurch schools impacted by closure proposals and had nothing to do with any unions I was saddened by the low turnout not the quality of it. I don’t bully. I am being bullied by you people for expressing my views on facebook pages used by like minded people to myself.. I would appreciate if you would remove the picture of myself and my great grand daughter from your post Mr.cameron Slater

    • Christine mcCartney

      The above retraction is by me Christine McCartney. I repeat I am not now, nor ever have been a member of any teachers’ union, in fact, I am not a teacher nor have I ever claimed to be.

      • Jester

        I may be wrong but aren’t you the Dotcom appologist that attended his party recently?