Is David Shearer off to empty the bank account?

David Shearer just posted this on his Facebook wall:



So, just days after dropping an ill-conceived and dodgy policy on the table, gutting around half a billion dollars from Kiwisaver accounts as a result he is now off on a jolly to the UK and New York.

How convenient…I hope he has a big suitcase to bring all his millions home from his formerly secret offshore bank accoount, or is he just going to shuffle it all off into a new bank account while there?

Perhaps he might like to get some bank statements to share with the public of New Zealand.


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  • Dave

    My congratulations to Russel Beaumont Well said, a true opportunist.

    • Mr_Blobby

      Probably the cover story. Really looking for a nice new UN job, the type that pays good tax free money with no accountability.

      NZ politics is a bit to rough and ready for him.

      • Gazzaw

        And why not Blobby? He’s all set up to have his salary (and expenses) direct credited.

  • I hear David Shearer is stocking up on brown paper bags.

    • Travis Poulson

      Oh yes, visiting the cheaper red light districts?

      • starboard

        ..and tossing mango skins to the masses..Saint David

  • starboard

    Look up junket in the dictionary…whadda ya know.. a picture of David Shearer…

  • Justsayn

    That should be the next business to be nationalized – banking… Aussie firms making reprehensible profit…

  • johnbronkhorst

    “I’m off to the UK…..” NOT on our money I hope, after the LAST ELECTION….YOU DO NOT REPRESENT US..ANYWHERE!!!!

  • James

    Looks like Shearer isn’t a fan of people criticising his policies. My, inoffensive, comment has ben removed and I now find myself in the position of not being able to comment or post on any part of his page.

    Labour politicians – working for us … I’m sure there is a Tui billboard in there somewhere!

    • SJ00

      Typical. Love or hate this blog and WO, I think I have only ever seen him ban a user once and he will never delete a post. He even leaves his own posts up where his maths was not the sharpest.
      Labour: Why post comments to the public and then stop some of the public from replying. You dicks still don’t understand social media which shows you have little hope of understanding anything about running this country.

    • SJ00

      Further to this, we should jump on and post the same post James did that got him banned. Put the WO Army into action!

  • rangitoto

    With any luck he wont come back

  • unsol

    Off to empty his bank account – love it, and I bet it is true too! Seems AWFULLY coincidental!

    Anyone on here actually in the US & able to do a stake out at Merill Lynch (or is it JP Morgan Chase)????

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    I think Uoswis R Dewoh bro speaks the truth on behalf of all New Zealanders…..

  • Jimmie

    Hmmm any late Autumn barbies firing up while the sheep is counting his loot in NY?

  • island time

    He is off to get some running notes in person from Klark. Maybe she is a signatory on his bank account.

  • Michael

    Russell will now be banned. I got banned for suggesting that John Banks delibrate sliding around the local body electoral law might not have been the lowest act of Prime Ministerial accountability when compared to a delibrate art forgery and refusal to be interviewed by the police.

    • Travis Poulson

      Wear it as a badge of honour.

  • Greg

    Just going to check his overseas bank account he forgot all about.

  • Honcho

    An excuse for the ‘please explain’ meeting the shadow leader of the opposition has called for.

  • mike

    Here’s the new conspiracy theory for you… Shearer having now destroyed confidence in the entire stock market is going to use an offshore company (owned by the international Labour movement) to anonymously buy up majority shares in major NZ companies at bargain basement prices… then when he gets into power will carry out his plan and the Government will buy everything at exorbitant prices thereby making Labour worldwide filthy rich.

    • Mr_Blobby

      Shit wish I had of thought of that, brilliant.

  • sheppy

    He’s probably going to tell the UK media about his grand plans in the hope that the financial markets read it and the NZ Dollar tanks once they realise how bad things will be if he gets near power. Then he can bring his top secret bank account back before the election and also slam nationals non recovery caused by the lefts economic sabotage.
    In any other country it would be against the law!

  • cows4me

    “Off to meet several think tanks”, God does he know someone that actually thinks?

  • Dave

    Perhaps its part of the labour strategy, clear out until the dust settles after the F…K up the Power Plan is.

    Just think of his poor Media and PR advisor, Quick David, we need to manufacture a diversion, Call Helun, get some post dated invitation letters faxed over and leave the country quick. We will arrange some union friendly repeaters to accompany you and report good stuff that will help the Power Plan blow over. Better also ask Helen for funding, we are skint until Russell gets his printer working. Oh shit, speaking of Russel ,suggest you take him as well, cant leave him here alone talking things up.

  • Troy

    What else is in Shearer’s closet we don’t know about? He is afterall a UN trougher…. let the truth be out before it’s too late and the red supporters get duped any more than they are already. Given liabours dodgy past i wouldn’t be surprised if they are advocates of MKUltra.

  • Mark

    I see that dick doing Homer Simpson’s upside down name is sucking up to the insipid idiot. Seriously, I fucking hate left wingers – such unoriginal weak people.

  • Brian of Mt Wellington

    He may get rolled while out of the country. I can just see him in the U.S bank stroking his wads of cash and saying to himself ” My Precious “