People are stupid, complaining about the quality of the meth

Some people are born stupid, others work at it. I mean, complaining about the quality of your meth??. Still at least it resulted in the capturing of a meth dealer.

A Far North drug dealer was charged after receiving intercepted text messages from customers complaining about the quality of his product.

Kaitaia District Court was told last week of the extraordinary lengths Aaron Kuvarji, 30, of Kaitaia, went to avoid detection of his dealing in methamphetamine, and how he finally came unstuck. 

Kuvarji admitted five charges of supplying methamphetamine and 39 of offering to supply the drug, and was convicted and remanded in custody until July 24, when he will appear for sentence. The maximum penalty for both offences is life imprisonment.

According to the summary of facts Kuvarji came to attention as a result of Operation Dan, which was conducted between November 2011 and June last year, involving undercover police officers.

That operation resulted in 59 arrests and the identification of others, one of them being Kuvarji, who was arranging drug transactions around the Far North, predominantly using cell phone text messaging.



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  • Ah. Didn’t use the Heisenberg recipe eh?

  • Mr_Blobby

    Should be 44 Strike offenses, but after a raft of excuses……………….

  • jonti

    nz herald good for content today is it ?

  • Mediaan

    Apparently methamphetamine was a prescription drug in the US until about 1975. Hundreds of thousands of depressed housewives were put on it by their family GP.

    Nobody ever got to make consumer complaints then. American gals just took the packet of pills and smiled and said, “Thank you, doctor.” And went home and did their hair and put on lipstick and a fresh pinny, so as to look smiling and cute when their husband arrived home.

    Of course it’s not only consumer power that has improved, in our wonderful modern world, it is now possible for organised crime to make bucketfuls more money out of it.