Photo of the Day

Chas Pope via Flickr

Chas Pope via Flickr

This is probably the most unexpected Photo of the Day due to the fact there isn’t much to it.  Welcome to Bejing during the middle of the day.  The pollution is just catastrophic.

Chas Pope via Flickr

Chas Pope via Flickr

There’s an app for checking air quality:

Last year was already pretty bad. It’s not always bad every day, but overall it got worse this year.

via CNN

via CNN

A man wearing a mask rides a bicycle as hazardous smog blankets Beijing


Sources: more here and here




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  • Gazzaw

    I thought it was Paramoremo Prison the way Arthur Taylor and Labour want it.

  • williamabong

    I thought it was the inside of Gareth Hughes head

    • Bold Cotton

      “Hey Clint” Are we pleased with the power blackout’s in the Auckland CBD ?

  • thor42

    Man, that is baaaaad!

    You wouldn’t get me living there, no matter what you paid me.

  • LesleyNZ

    So why are we being forced to pay a carbon tax?

    • Colin Cloudesley

      We pay carbon tax as we buy product from China. What has happened is everything has moved to China, per head of population China is only 3%, Australia is the worst as they supply iron to China etc etc.

  • Colin Cloudesley

    From 2004 I have been going to Beijing and what you see here is very true, never get to see the sun, and when you have the sand storms going at the same time, it is like sniffing sand up your nose. It can be fixed as they closed down the factories when the games where on and the blue sky and sun was great. It is a shame as Beijing is a great place when the sun shines.

  • Arandomreader

    I hope that all of the “unrestrained free enterprise” people will look at this photo and reflect on it.

    • LabTested

      This situation has come about because of bureaucrats who meet government stipulated targets regardless of consequences to the quality of life & the lack of a free press to shine a light on what is going on. – reflect on that

  • kohibruce

    The consequences of coal power. Regional more than global.