Policy Launch

Shearer will be stoked that he’s cost all KiwiSavers a fortune on the sharemarket today…

Policy Fuck Up


The share price of the country’s largest listed electricity generator-retailer, Contact Energy, has taken a 3 percent knock after the joint announcement by the Labour and Green parties of a radical rewind from electricity reforms of the last 25 years.

If sustained, that indicates the Labour-Green policy is the latest of a string of political decisions and commercial circumstances that can be expected to drive down the issue price of shares in the partial privatisation of Mighty River Power.

“The risk premium for investment in New Zealand would go through the roof,” says one investment banker, who declined to be named.


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  • cows4me

    Why do you think the prick keeps his cash overseas.

  • Justsayn

    Stupid stupid stupid fucker. Desperation does silly things to seemingly reasonable people.

  • sheppy

    Socialists, screwing up economies they don’t understand yet again… Wonder if their plan is to twin NZ with Greece

  • NotForTurning

    And history shows that there’s only one way to fight communism.

    If every single Labour and Green candidate’s poster, every single meeting, every single unionist, was met with robust action by a corps of men who loved freedom —- then we might be able to get rid of communism from NZ once and for all.

    Otherwise – for every point the “Rich Pricks” lose when Contact’s share price goes down, it’s another point of turnout for the bludging & non-nett-taxpaying masses.

    NZ has a great and proud history of fighting unionism – whether it’s 191t or 1951 or 1989 – a history totally ignored by NZEI/PPTA teacher monopoly.

    It’s time to remember Thatcher the only way she wanted to be rememberted!
    It’s time to fight for freedom!

    • rockape

      Well for many years I have voted and not done much else. I come from a family of politicians(UK) myself being the exception. Well, all thats changed I am retired now and can devote the next 18 months to Mariron Streets case and will do so, the militant right in me is rising

  • Colin Cloudesley

    Thank God we have National running this country, cos I would hate to think where the F&*^* we would be to day.

  • BigDes

    This policy was so predictable, yet I still didn’t think they’d actually be stoopid enough to run with it.

  • steve and monique

    Dumb fuckers!!!!.And then they will blame National for the loss.

  • Ururoa

    Really setting a very scary precedent. Bang on Whale, it is economic vandalism. While I am totally opposed to asset sales, all of NZ should wake up to what Shearer has done here. He has sent a big fat message to all investors, savers and businesses that NZ under Labour will act without view to the economic consequences to sabotage any business if it thinks it can gain political points by doing so.

    Worse, it now gives any other party the ability to claim precedent should they try and pull such an obnoxious stunt in the future, and Labour/Greens won’t have a leg to stand on.

    Our only hope is that this comes back and bites Labour/Greens bad where it hurts, at the polls.

    • NotForTurning

      While I am totally opposed to asset sales…

      then you are in favour of Shearer’s policy. And Marx’s.

  • LesleyNZ

    Oh no – we have Kiwisaver and Contact Energy shares. What a dopey dillbrain thing for Labour and Greens to do! What fools. Don’t like that particular F word there.

  • Ururoa

    What happens if the electricity producer doesn’t accept the price offered by NZPower? Can they withhold supply (as a business they have every right to)? Do we end up with power shortages?

    • Pissedoffyouth

      We need a Thatcher, didn’t she stop constant powercuts in the UK?

    • GregM

      Yes, and yes.

  • Phar Lap

    Seems it has now dropped 4.5%.The NZ economy has been through many flat spots in the last few years.Just when we were coming good a couple of lightweight cocksuckers have plunged the NZ economy into a potential recession again.

  • Lofty

    Stupid stupid stupid idiotic ……. Oh my god words fail me. Saboteur is the correct designation. The good thing is that this nails the watermelon and their lapdog labours colours to the mast. Now transparently anti business and growth.

  • NotForTurning

    Cos he was too stupid to bring it home when the NZD had a reasonable value.

  • JC

    Well, now we know why Shearer wouldn’t repatriate his overseas dollars back to NZ!


  • surfisup

    This guy is a beyond contempt.

    I hope national retaliates and picks apart all labour policy from the clark years. Especially WFF and free student loans .

    They can use the legitimate reason that Shearer has sabotaged Nationals plans. Recall national publicized asset sales ahead of the last election.

    What has labour publicized now? Mainly that they are going to destroy nationals efforts and not much else.

    There is some labour policy about introducing a CGT but no detail — and the devil is in the detail .

  • Troy

    Shearer is a turd of a fucknuckle… but whose tail is wagging the dog?