Pornography isn’t so bad after all, so a study says

News just in, porn isn’t so bad after all…and there is a study to prove it.

Studies have linked porn consumption to sexual aggression, problems with intimate relationships and losing one’s virginity at an earlier age. But the influence of sexually explicit material on some risky behaviors may be more modest than previously thought.

In a new study from the Journal of Sexual Medicine, four Dutch researchers argue that previous studies on the subject have been too narrowly focused when it comes to drawing a connection between X-rated materials and negative outcomes. Such research has often asked some form of the same question: whether what people see will affect what people do—and the results didn’t paint porn in a flattering light. The latest study found that the connection may be less significant than other studies have suggested, though the work still provided plenty of support for the anti-pornography contingent. 

Of course because they are mostly up-tight middle aged prudes in desperate need of a good root.

Heightened exposure, Hald found, was associated with high-risk sexual practices like accepting some kind of payment for sex. He and his team also tied porn usage to “adventurous” behaviors, such as having “real-life sex” with someone they met online, which some experts believe may lead to increased rates of sexually transmitted diseases.

But the researchers emphasize that the tie between porn and risky business isn’t absolute or clear-cut. For example, there may be other contributors to the promiscuous behavior, such as a tendency toward thrill-seeking (which, in turn, could make young people more likely to experiment with porn). Pornography is “just one factor among many that may influence the sexual behaviors of young people,” they concluded, while cautioning that the findings “should not be interpreted as an indication that the influence … is negligible, nonexistent, or unimportant.”

There you go..not so bad after all.


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  • williamabong

    And this little gem of wisdom was bought to you today by Shane “Lone Hand” Jones.

  • Jimmie

    Also another study by 5 Irish researchers has concluded that the practice of jumping off high cliffs may not be lead to as many negative outcomes as many previous studies have indicated.

    The previous studies cited had a narrow focus on only physical trauma suffered by the jumpers at the completion of the jump but failed to take into account any positive outcomes (such as the thrill of the jump on the way down and any government compensation which may subsequently be paid to the jumper)

    The 5 researchers were quick to caution that they were not encouraging people to jump off cliffs but said that the previous negative stereotype of cliff jumping outcomes may not paint the whole picture especially when variable factors such as cliff height, material at the bottom, and the bounciness of the jumper’s body may all affect the jumping experience.

  • Rogue Trooper

    not all “good” at all.