Power Shake Up – The Herald way

The Herald had a story today on A8 complete with way cool infographics about the Labour and Green economic sabotage over power.

They called the article “Power Shake Up  – a beginners guide“.

Obviously when they said beginners they meant their staff because far from being “decent hournalists, trained and skilled” they instead used “stupid ones, thick as shit”.

I never knew Transpower was an electricity retailer!  (Think they mean Trustpower but you never can tell with the quality of reporting at The Herald these days)



Looks like they also think Transpower is a generator as well!



Transpower is of course a State Owned Enterprise, 100% owned by the government and is in neither the generation business nor the retail business. The Herald reporters missed out the little asterisk beside their name to indicate they are state owned too.

Wikipedia explains what Transpower’s role is, or the benefit of NZ Herald reporters who don;t know how to use Google.

Transpower New Zealand Limited (TPNZ) is the state-owned enterprise responsible for electric power transmission in New Zealand. It performs two major functions in the New Zealand Electricity Market. As the owner of the National Grid it provides the infrastructure of electric power transmission that allows consumers to have access to generation from a wide range of sources, and enables competition in the wholesale electricity market; as System Operator it manages the real-time operation of the grid and the physical operation of the New Zealand Electricity Market.

This is shabby reporting, and there really is no point in reading the rest of article, because if they can’t get basic simple information correct then the rest of the article is likely to be spin and artifice masquerading as news.


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  • blokeintakapuna

    True to form then… No surprises there then.
    It probably also explains why there’s been a big management change at APN.

    Lets hope the owners prefer increased readership and advertisers instead of allowing blatant and obvious left leaning bias rhetoric planted by Labour and the unions with their opinions then fed to us as “news”

    Mind you… The Horrid does provide a counter balance for how the left would want things to be, or are trying to spin … Where we all can visit WOBH to get the actual story and complete facts to be fully informed.

    APN will have their website visitor stats… And will be comparing that against WOBH stats and shareholders will be weeping all over their diminishing returns wondering why such a fall from grace?

    Perhaps also if they ditched the union shriller McCarten until he’s paid his taxes he’s stolen/denied NZinc… That might also help them gain a modicum of respectability again.

  • In Vino Veritas

    Correct. I also note Bennett quoting Wolak again, without the counter analysis of his work. Sheesh. Its bloody annoying when its only a google away. Given that this is so, it would have to be said that Bennett has taken the Labour|Green info and quoted it as gospel, without any research of his own.

  • johnbronkhorst

    VV…about another Bennett but off the subject.

    “There are 8,367 fewer young people on Unemployment Benefits since 2010 when it peaked at 23,545,” says Social Development Minister Paula Bennett.
    So it would appear that one of my predictions is already coming true.
    So instead of following the total lies of the labour/green parties and their sycophants I will focus on the good news of a govt. that believes in achievement and results to benefit the NZ population and not just themselves.

    • tarkwin

      Independent thought and positive thinking! Good stuff J.B, hope the govt takes notice and pushes the good news more.

  • tarkwin

    At least it’s their own work for a change.

  • I read that this morning and wondered about Transpower being listed too – but just assumed (wrongly) the Herald knew what they were talking about haha!