Probably no girlfriend and no brain either

Via the tipline

Taken in Devonport this afternoon not only taking up two spaces but also has a wheel up on the kerb so partially blocking the footpath as well.

I think the reg plate says it all!



And he’s dense.

NOM8S, not NOM8TS.  /facepalm


Whale Army, it is time we step this up a notch.

Attached to this post is a PDF of our special “Parking Ticket”.  Download and print a few.  Stick them in your wallet, keep some in your car, or if you work somewhere and you oversee a parking area, keep some at work.

Issue a WOBH Parking Ticket, take the photo and email it to the tipline.



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  • steve and monique

    And if you can see the small print,it appears his name is Nigel

  • Dumrse

    He’s on the shore. Some where between Devonport and Takapuna. He is indeed Nigel.

  • Mediaan

    Not sure about the utility of this parking campaign.

    You guys are helping make Julie Ann Genter’s sole talent, international expert in parking, after about eight years of Unversity studies, seem relevant.

  • Mr_V4

    Looks like he has had to park that way because of the van.

  • TheInfamousHOSS

    NOM8S is on one of his other trucks and it’s actually ironic as he knows damn near everyone in Devonport. His name’s not Nigel. I doubt you’d win a parking debate with him either…

    • Travis Poulson

      Your ute I take it.

      • TheInfamousHOSS

        nope, I drive a station wagon

    • James

      He can’t drive either … I’ve been cut up a few times by him and had him drive up my arse when I’ve been doing 50 on Lake Road.