Reheating Breakfast Over and Over and Over Again

We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but Andrea Vance has taken it to a whole new level with today’s front page lead in the Dominion Post.

Shock horror headline “Key met spy candidate for breakfast“.

Yup this could be a marginal beltway story, if she hadn’t already written the same story three times before.  A quick google search reveals her obsession with this breakfast.

Article 1
Article 2
Article 3

The DomPost must have been really short of news that it could beat the Prime Minister up with today.  

By the way, I now note there’s been a fundamental change in the facts of the story.

The hard copy of the paper has the following line:


Unfortunately – this conspiracy doesn’t appear to be true, because the online version of this story now reads:


A pretty fundamental error.  This is shabby stuff. News of World tactics again from Andrea Vance and the DomPost. Perhaps the DomPost might like to draw readers of the online version of the story differs from that printed, like the other day when they were caught pantsdown plagiarising another publication.



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  • Honcho

    How come the name Andrea Vance keep coming up, who the hell is she/he? Why does this churnalist get away with publishing opinion pieces masquerading as current events?

    In other news campbell live has been caught out supporting a crooked unqualified teacher.

  • rockape

    An Air Marshall once told me the secret of getting promoted is to get noticed. If you cand get noticed for good stuff then bad will do. Maybe this is Vances target, just print lies and get noticed.

    • Patrick

      She is probably angling for a gig in the Labour Party PR machine. By the time she realises the Labour commies are just a bunch of roman sandals with sock wearing hairy legged, hairy armpitted, smelly beardies it will be too late for her. She will have to become one to fit in.

  • Peej

    Put your hand up to indicate that you think it’s strange for the same story to be repeated again and again. Just a minute I’ll count…

    Put your hand up to indicate that you think John Key Key did not discuss the vacancy as head of the Government Communications Security Bureau at breakfast with Ian Fletcher, just days after he selected a panel to interview candidates for the country’s top spy job.
    Just a minute, just an hour, just a day, … I’ll count. Just a minute look where we are, no count needed!

  • AnonWgtn

    When will Fairfax realise that in New Zealand that when SST finally collapses, soon, that the Dom will follow next. It is like this person Vance wants them to fail further.
    I assume she wants a job with Grant Robertson as leader of Labour – coming sooner than expected, as it is now realised that David Shearer has bombed over electricity, being led by the nose by Greenpeace.

    • DavidW

      Nah, Shearer’s puppeteer has just quit (Mold moves to Auckland – reported yesterday) so there is a top-job vacancy to be filled.

  • niggly

    Another weird aspect of this Grant Robertson/ Fairfax beat up is that they again have an accompanying piece called “How Key’s Story Changed” which appears in the print version and sometimes in online versions. It is meant to be some sort of “highlight’s” or summary for the reader to see how, supposedly Key’s version of events have changed over time.

    Trouble is it never actually shows Key’s “story changing over time”, it simply highlights the answers to questions on different days – all perfectly explainable – so I really don’t know what the point of it is.

    Unless, perhaps is Andrea Vance a contractor and gets paid per word submitted (hence the continual repetition in her articles)? If so, that would make some sense because her name doesn’t usually in any other stories!

    Also that might explain why she filed the most pitiful reports when she went on a media jaunt with the PM to Central and South America a month or two ago. If anyone wants a bit of fun, search for her articles on Stuff covering the trip, the articles were about 10% reporting of what went on and 90% of the rest of it was meandering off topic – really weird!

  • johnbronkhorst

    What will labour have … when kim dot com is eventually deported???

  • Phar Lap

    Vance Andre is at it again.It is called pillow talk .Her mate the new LIE-bour leader Grant “chucklehead” Robertson literally a well know shit stirrer in his private life ,has now gratuated to stir shit in other peoples lives.He is a product of the bully girl, Clark as H1 and Simpson H2 he was H3 a raging bully boy and shin kicker.,nothing has changed,.

    • Phar Lap

      Would be a lot more productive if the cub reporter Vance Andrea enlightened us all on what her Dom -Post colleague Kitchen ,said to a well known NZ Lawyer,which caused him alot of angst .Surely ,instead of her snooping into peoples lives,she might enlighten us about her colleague and even out herself.,with the association she has with the LIE-bour Party,especially chucklehead Robertson.