Saturday General Debate


Well, where do you start this week?  The blog experienced it’s most busy hour of demand on Thursday with 3,800 pages served in a single hour, due to case of the [STUPID JUDGE WON’T ALLOW ME TO SAY] and [STUPID JUDGE WON’T ALLOW ME TO SAY] appearing in court over the [ALLEGED] bashing of Jesse Ryder.

But today it is your turn.  What stories have been drowned out by the news this week that you feel should have another chance?


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  • Pete George

    Surprising to see this change in marriage law in Spain: At the moment, people as young as 14 can get married in Spain. The minimum age is being raised to 16, in an effort to protect minors from sex abuse.

    Interesting to see how much marriage ages vary:

    They range mostly between 15 and 21, with some countries different
    ages with parental consent, and many having a younger marriage age for
    females and some leniency for younger ages.

    Indonesia: 19 for males and 16 for females. Marriage at younger ages is legal with parental consent

    There are many variations to marriage law around the world.

    • Gazzaw

      And there’s one more variation on its way to our house as we speak.

      • Changeiscoming

        I really hope not.

      • unsol

        What rubbish gaz! Such a change has to be sanctioned by society – currently NZ society is made up of more women than men. There is not a woman alive who would sanction child rape & molestation, remembering of course it was men who did so in the first place.

        Likewise it is men who predominantly like sex with animals.

        If you have an issue with the morality of society then I suggest you start asking the hard questions of the men around you as it is heterosexual men that are most responsible for all forms of abuse & rape.

        MOH data & NZ stats clearly state this.

        And let’s remember that if they could plenty of men would love up have the law sanction their perversions; 1 in 4 girls are sexually abused or raped by the time they are 16. This means if you aren’t already aware one of the women you personally know has most likely been abused.

        So best not to try & put the heterosexual community on some moral high ground to justify your views against LGBT as the stats prove to the contrary.

        • Bafacu

          I have grave doubts about the statistic that 1 in 4 girls are sexually abused or raped by the time they are 16. Where did this statistic come from and did the authors have a vested interest in the answer?? Just to check I was at a function on Sat night and not one of the females I spoke to admitted to being so abused. Maybe none of my acquaintances is in this position – so a lot of others must have a lot of their friends/children abused. Best they look at their friends/relatives differently now.

    • The age of consent for sex in Spain is 13 which is just shocking; a 70 year old man could travel to Spain to root his 13 year old girlfriend and it’s perfectly legal.

    • thats outrageous. Take a look Goff. Buck of looney lefties.

    • unsol

      Interesting but not surprising. I’m just thankful that such countries have kept it at 14; traditionally marriage was consented to when the girl got her first period – which of course could have meant they were young as 10.

      But 16 in NZ is too young too. It really pisses me off when I hear of men in their 20s & older claiming innocence because the child they had sex with was 15 not quite 16.

      Parents need to change the way they deal with sex & their kids & such mtn should always be charged with pedophilia. No child should even consider sex until they are at least 18 – preferably in their 20s & in a happy & healthy relationship.

      • TomTom

        I actually think the current age limits strikes a good balance, since it won’t make it that hard for kids to get condoms and day-after pill. (Kids who are desperate to fuck will find a way and a partner to fuck with, no matter what.) Perhaps though it should be amended slightly that those between 16 and 18 can only have sex with a partner that is within 4 years of them. This way, if some 30 year old guy is sort of found to be manipulating a kid into it, he’ll get done for underage sex at the very least.
        At the same time though, so many parents are abandoning their responsibility to actually educate their kids on these incredibly important matters. I got my sex ed from my eldest sister, ugh! (condoms, extreme paranoia about sex diseases, etc…)

  • I was saddened to read the film critic Roger Ebert has died after a long battle with cancer. He had what must have been the ultimate dream job for about 45 years – getting paid to go to the movies! haha

    Throughout that time he faithfully and successfully reviewed thousands of movies and only missed the mark a couple of times (most famously with his bizarre attack on the ‘Dirty Harry’ films). For many years I have the habit of watching a movie on dvd then looking up the Roger Ebert review online – and he invariably gets it right.

    He will be missed –

    • Pete George

      I frequently used Ebert reviews to get a good idea of whether it was worth watching a movie. I’d read his first and last comments (I avoided the detail to avoid spoilers) and that was more often than not a very good indicator as to whether it was worth watching.

  • maninblack

    Russel Norman is a cunt- wish he would shut up and fuck off.

    • yeah… and whenever there is a news item, for some reason the media whether it be zb or tvnz or radio live, think that Russel Norman is a good place to go to get intelligent comment. He is so irrelevant. Really fucks me off.

      • MarcWills

        I am sure I heard the good Dr Norml on the news last night explaining how some of the risks of the MRP share issue to investors were unquantifiable, but the Govt should be responsible for quantifying them? Did anyone else hear this nonsense?

        • johnbronkhorst

          He and labour are just trying to drive down the share price, so they can say “I told you so”…I don’t think they will succeed!!

          • rockape

            Yes , and what will driving down the shareprice succeed in doing? make it more attractive to buyers and speculators in particular, and get less money for the people of NZ to use for schools and hospitals. Good one lefties!

        • GregM

          Yep. Why the hell does the MSM go to a complete financial illiterate for financial comment? It beats me.

          • maninblack

            thats exactly what inspired my above comment.. my thoughts exactly gregM

        • cows4me

          I heard that little weasel to Marc, I don’t know about the shares been unquantifiable but he sure is certifiable.

      • AnonWgtn

        He is actually bloody dangerous because of the low intelligence of the media- they believe what he says without proof.

    • Dumrse

      What’s happened to Len ?

      • Rodger T

        He`s still a cunt,just got some competition thats all.

      • AnonWgtn

        Preparing his election strategy – he will get a surprise.
        Turnout will be well down, but he and his cronies will get another four years to stuff up better – and await the Robertson/Norman/Winston bailout.
        After all it’s only Tax and Ratepayers money for their grandisement so Len can have a railway station named after him.

      • maninblack

        he’s a cunt, but its ratesarerevolting’s job to declare that.. i will be responsbile for maintaining Wrussle ‘the cunt’ Norman status.

    • Mr Sackunkrak

      Cunty, cunt, cunt cunt! That feels better.

  • Phar Lap

    A Lie bour academic called Grant “knucklehead” Robertson.His claim to fame an Arts degree,a stint in the UN,a bumb boy in Helen Clarks reign of terror where she taught him how to use the media,by manipulating it.The last week he has become the defacto Lie-bour leader,leaving Shearer, who was outed for having secret bank accounts overseas.Shearer all week has been missing in action,as “knucklehead ” Robertson,has become the lying craving cowardly face of Lie-bour with all their inbuilt schisms, and heresies, malices,and corrupt practices.

    • Phar Lap

      Todays Dom -Post a she male called Tracy Watkins,said they were only doing their job,what?,telling lies.Where are they on Shearer,seems if they were doing their job,that liar would be covered by the MSM The Australian owned Dom-Post has a credibility gap.Next thing we will have the Aussie commie wetback Russel Norman from the jokers party “green” coming out with more lies as well.

      • AnonWgtn

        What about the old fool Armstrong in the Herald today – losing his marbles continually for some months now. Used to be balanced reporting.
        Should be looking to retirement gracefully and not making an arse of himself and his paper.

  • Hey how good was it listening to Leighton talking to Lord Monckton the other day.

    No one can challenge him.

    • cows4me

      Yeah Nigel Monckton is brilliant, makes these so called intellectual giants of AGW look as intelligent as heavy duty strainer posts. I note they had some dribbling wonder from NIWA admitting that they had got their forecasts for this past summer very wrong. Oh dear but these same fucktards are so hard out licking government’s arse when it comes to AGW and expect us to believe the world is in meltdown. Fucking hell these wankers can’t even predict what’s happening a couple of months down the line.

      • they spent over a million dollars trying to predict what the weather would do for the opening ceremony
        at the 2000 sydney olympics. and got it wrong.

      • AnonWgtn

        And NIWA’s chief scientist Salinger was sacked for falsefying New Zealand’s figures for the so called Global Warming Report – yea.
        Why do the media still use Salinger’s comment regularly – he is disgraced in NIWA’s eyes so why not the media ?

    • jonno1

      Yes, brilliant. Went to his lecture last night, all factual stuff with citations. Before the meeting started some “Flat Earthers” put on a bit of a show, good natured and quite amusing. A few hecklers were later removed (not necessarily the same people) after a couple of very reasonable requests to calm down. Sadly, at question time the “antis” were incapable of asking reasonable questions, just tried to make “statements”. Sad really, as I have no doubt that Monckton would have responded honestly to serious queries and everyone would have benefited.

    • Patrick

      Unfortunately I missed it – only problem with Monkton is he looks as mad as a cut snake, a bit unfortunate as he is becoming the face of the anti AGW. I am sure the leftie commie media will highlight this at every opportunity.

      • BJ

        I think he has a thyroid problem with those bulbous eyes.

  • Tom

    Anyone see Gareth Hughes on 7 days last night? Strange strange little man, desperate for any attention at all. Reminds me of a character off Wurzel Gummidge.

    • He is the epitome of a leftie. And that is intended as an insult.

      He actually looks like one of those weirdos that would enjoy being beaten up.

  • johnbronkhorst

    I look at this picture and think…is this one of those wasgij…(jigsaw, where you guess what they are looking at)…my guess, due to the fact that only kim the boy and the General are the only ones that don’t look TERRIFIED, ..a guy with a GUN?

  • Pete George

    Climate sceptics checklist:

    1. Not real

    2. Real but not manmade

    3. Manmade but we can’t do much

    4. We can but I’ll be dead by then so whatever

    • Travis Poulson

      Did you listen to Lord Monckton on ZB on Thursday morning? It was very interesting to listen to re: climate change. Interestingly enough nobody came up with a robust argument against him, nor did any NZ scientists…or Russell Norman take up the opportunity to present him with a debate or any credible questions. Also noted that 3 NZ universities rejected having him speak. He is an exceptionally intelligent man with a impeccable memory, none of the climate change alarmists that accused him of making up lies, being a nutter, spreading “hate speech”,being a “climate change denier”…none of them have dared to challenge him publicly in a position where he is able to debate the fraud that is global warming . Cowards, the lot of them.

    • One thing no scientist is honest enough to talk about is their lucrative global warming talk in recent years – but when they were starting out they were all on the “ice age is coming” bandwagon in the 1970s!
      No one says “I was wrong in the ’70s” and considers the possibility they are wrong now.

    • rockape

      What about used to be real but not for the last 23 years and not man made!

  • island time

    Highlanders Captain quote about the players after last nights game “At the moment some of us are looking left and right instead of looking in the mirror”. A very good quote about personal accountability…

  • Steve R

    I’m currently reading dr Ben Carson’s book America the beautiful , and found this paragraph.
    ” The current government is akin to a person who checks into a hotel and discovers that all of his bills are being taken care of by someone else , and so feels free to live it up ”
    Now take the words current government out and add the _____ city council.
    Which council fits this best

    • Gisborne? Timaru?

      • AnonWgtn

        Don’t forget one of the worse Tauranga

    • maninblack


    • spollyike


    • Hazards001

      Auckland..10million dollars worth of overseas travel? When the fuck did Aucklanders vote in overseas councilors?

  • Patrick

    Why do they all look so unhappy and frightened – could it be that even in the last great bastion of Communism they have come to realise how evil & poisonous the commies are?

    NZ take note – vote Labour/Greens & your family photos will look like this, substitute Kim Jong Un for Shearer & the General for Wee Wussel

    • BJ

      I think they are terrified after being told they will now be the target of the US and South Korea having been identified posing in a family photo for the nation

  • rockape

    I am fed up with being told what the majority of new zealanders think or want by the media. bloggers and other commentators. For that reason I am going to tell you what I want and dont want!
    I want a Government with a WORKABLE plan for NZ and its people.
    I want a Government thats BELIEVABLE in terms of FINANCING that plan.
    I want leadership that i can trust to act for the good of the COUNTRY not the PARTY.
    What i will reject is:
    A party with no coherent plan for NZ
    A party where its MPs act as petulant schoolkids.
    I am not alone in this. In the last two elections Labour ran a campaign of personality politics, It worked in a Clark v English and a Clark v Brash situation. It failed dismally in a Goeff Key and Clark v Key contest. It will do so even more in a Key v Shearer contest.
    The financing aspect of the plan was again proven to be Labours downfall, prompted by those few words, show me the money,
    Lastly the coherent plan for NZs future. National have one, not very dramatic but it seems to be working. Crime down, the economy up. Those two things are what matter to most Kiwi”s. What will be Labours coherent plan. Well there cant be one! There is absolutely no chance of Labour governing alone So the plan if they had one will be fragmentted by the demands of the Greens, NZ first and mana.Does anyone seriously believe that that plan cobbled together in the days just after the election as it will have to be, is a plan thats workable for taking NZ into a more prosperous future because i dont. Who disagrees!

    • johnbronkhorst

      No argument here…but then again it’s hard to argue against common sense!!
      I view elections as job interviews,…Has the incumbent done a good job for the country?
      Yes….carry on
      No….Will the alternative do a better job?
      Yes…then vote for them.
      No….then carry on!!!
      So far in ALL Govt. departments the Key led Govt. has not only done a good job, but it has exceeded expectation by a LONG way.
      Do the opposition have a credible alternate plan of action……HAHAHAHA sorry shouldn’t laugh at my own jokes!!!

  • unsol

    I’m late to the party, but how about the case of the toddlers badly burned in a car due to playing with a lighter while their mum went shopping? Is she going to be charged with negligence & failing to provide a duty of care?

    And it kind of laughs in the face of those who were stupid enough to defend a similar ‘breed’ of mother in Porirua the other week too don’t you think?

  • Joe_Bloggs
    • johnbronkhorst

      Going to be few unhappy people.
      Personally I don’t mind the Haka (in context) but a couple of things need to be looked at.
      Has the significance been explained to the visitor, NEVER assume they already know (why should they)?
      It must be relevant. It’s got to the point that, when there is a Haka on the TV, my wife and I look at each other and ask….Has someone dropped a hat?