Shearer’s plan in New York

Visit the vault:



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  • No wonder Shearer can’t tell us how much is in the account. He doesn’t know!

  • Ronnie Chow

    What’s the app to GPS his phone ?

  • Dave

    Love the graphic, fantastic work!! is 90 feet equivalent to US$900K sounds about right

  • cows4me

    More like visiting his Marxist handlers in the UN. No doubt he’ll be hoping for an added bonus after sabotaging the plans of the capitalist pigs.

  • Colin Cloudesley

    No he has to go back once a year so he gets the UN pension that gets paid into his account, and he is hoping the NZ dollar drops so he can make a dollar more as the paper US dollar is not safe.

  • le sphincter

    And the amount in PinoKeyos bank account?

    Will he tell you to mind your own business

    • If it is a hidden account not declared on the register of pecuniary interests, then yes, that’s a valid question. That’s why it’s being asked of Shearer, and not of Key.

      • NotForTurning

        And because Key actually earned his money.

        Shearer just scammed his of nett taxpayers.

      • le sphincter

        Sorry Petal. Read the wording of the Register

        “At no stage are you required to state the actual value or extent of any interest. You simply need to register its existence.”

        Anway , name one other National MP ( other than John Key) that lists any bank accounts thay have.

        Funny they exist without and personal banking whatsoever.

        Even Key has cash stashed in Bank of America

        • Wayne

          John Key has declared his net worth at around $50m, so what’s the issue? At least he was up front from the get go – unlike mumbles, who had a convenient memory fade lasting 4 years.

          I’ll lay dollars to doughnuts National will know how much is sitting in sheepskin little nest egg account in New York and, will dump it on the hustings come next year!

          • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

            Wayne – Our dear leader Sheep is not measured in dollars. He saved 50 million people. Now Kiwis are realising how good a leader he is. That is why they are voting for Labour in droves.

        • No need to declare the value when you declare it. But once you hide it, the reasons for hiding it, and how much, and where, all come into play.

          Why did he hide the account?

        • Gazzaw

          I’d give this argument away if I was you l’arsehole. The Glorious Leader is going to embarass you as soon as the Nats take it upon themselves to release the sordid details. You are always going on about the PM’s US banking mates and I’m sure you are right that he has friends in high places after his time in US banking. Anyone of them could have sprung the info required to crucify Shearer – it’s just a matter of when, not if.

    • Tom

      Ah, there you are talking out of your ‘mouth’ again…

  • sandynobb

    The Golden Fleece.