Shhh…don’t appear too pleased with your economic sabotage

After sabotaging millions of dollars worth of Kiwis’ savings, the Greens don’t want to appear too pleased…

Watch as Pedro Gower does a number on Clinton Smith aka James Henderson of The Standard, a Green party staffer and acolyte of Gareth Hughes:

If Kiwi voters ever needed a warning about how destructive a Labour/Green government would be then this policy is it.

No wonder Helen Clark avoided going into government with them like someone avoids cancer.

Labour and the Greens are now practising economic terrorism against savers and investors.


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  • Mr Sackunkrak

    What a smug, pleased with himself child. “Hey Clint, are we pleased?” You cunt, you’re creaming your shorts, but don’t want us to see the stain.

  • Travis Poulson

    Snivelling little sack of shit.

  • unsol

    Awesome, as soon as I saw it on the news I so knew you’d post this.

    And go Gower for not editing it.

    Definitely indicative of how underhand & clueless the greens really are. Way better than ‘tea gate’!!!!

    • geoff3012

      yeah, but will it be pumped by MSM

    • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

      Hardly made ripples….

      • unsol

        yes I think we’re all aware of that :-) but no question – it should have, it is way better the tea gate yet as usual the MSM are MIA!

  • SJ00

    I’m surprised they showed this, typically we would only see the 2nd half after he had consulted with Clint. This really shows what pricks they are, the footage they must have that they haven’t aired before must be gold.

    • Lofty

      The watermelons and labour have done a big fat piss off job on someone with the TV controls….uuuuummmmmmm good fucken job.
      It is about time that the raw nerve was touched.

  • Colin Cloudesley

    Where the F(&((^ do they find these people? under leaves in the park.
    I am very worried that people like this can hold a F^*&ing seat let alone try and say something. God forgive us for what we have let happen to NZ

    • Lofty

      Yeah except the little scrote does not hold a seat…he is a scum list occupant of the House of Representatives. In other words fuck nothing.

      • Lofty

        Which reminds me of a story David Niven told in his book The moons a balloon, of a Eastern European director who said ” you think I am fuck nothing, but I can tell you I am fuck all”. Seems apt in regard to the little tosser somehow.

    • Lofty

      Yes may God forgive those that had the chance to vote for FPP, but went for MMP.
      I am innocent your honour.

  • Green Party being run by The Standard blogger.

    • JeffDaRef

      Labour policy being run by the Greens!

  • Lion_ess

    This pantomime has a little way to go yet – my instinct is that it will backfire on Labour once 2 million New Zealanders realise what the release of Labour’s Power policy has done to their investment savings.

    • amerikiwi

      backlash has started….

  • Simo

    The death of the Left is underway….especially when TV3 starts bagging ya

    • Mr Sackunkrak

      The left are only fair weather friends. When it turns bad, they’ll rip your tits off in a heartbeat.

    • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

      Wait for Pedro Gower to be torn into pieces by Sheep next time when they meet

  • Pissedoffyouth

    Fuck I hate that cunt

  • Eiselmann

    Some big wig in TV3 must have just lost a shedload of money thanks to Labour and the Greens….you never know who you’re going to annoy with acts of economic sabotage,

  • Chris Fleming

    How much are we paying this prick. He is clueless !!

  • GregM

    Hands up who wanted to punch the computer screen watching that?
    This is going to bite the left on the arse, also good to see JK referring to the opposition as the “hard left”

  • WayneO

    Helen Clark was not a stupid lady. She knew these guys were nut jobs.

  • hotbitch

    The TV3 news just started, with the claim that the MRP news today was “victory for Labour”. Lying, biased pricks. So I put my foot through the telly and will send TV3 the bill.

  • last week he was bragging about being the youngest member. well this week he is proving it.

  • Mr Sackunkrak

    I must say, I don’t usually like the word “cunt” in public forums, but the Greens and Labour just make it an acceptable adjective.

  • Colin Cloudesley

    Well I m voting for the new party that is honest and has loads of members to vote it in. WHALE OIL BEEF HOOKED

    • Mediaan

      Whale Whale Whale. A political party waiting to happen. But there’d be blood on the floor – how to keep the mincing flutey-voiced set and the beer boys apart?

  • LesleyNZ

    Don’t let the Greens anywhere near Kiwisaver or Contact Energy shares! Don’t they realise the damage they have done since announcing this stupid idealistic power policy with Labour? How could Labour stoop so low as to work with this lot to try to derail the Mighty River Share issue? Imagine if this young silly inexperienced Green MP Gareth Hughes was running our country. Just a game to him – playing with our money like a Monopoly game. The credibility of the Greens when it comes to money matters and investment is Zilch. Look at the standard and quality of MP we are lumped with MMP. I am appalled at this interview. Thank you 3 News for showing us as it really is.

    • amerikiwi

      why russell?

  • TomTom

    You little shits.

    And how dare that fuckwit Grant Robertson claim to One news that they were being “UPFRONT WITH THE PUBLIC SO THAT EVERYONE KNOWS WHAT THEY’RE DOING 18 MONTHS OUT.”

    You fucktards cost us the taxpayers millions of dollars in REAL fucking money. It ain’t gonna be replaced by printed money.

  • Troy

    And he can’t work out if he is pleased or not? Can’t work it out for himself? And the left wing want him in power? Holy shit, the reds really better start thinking if they want this kind of turd in coalition with them… would he last the distance, unlikely.

  • Ururoa

    The twisted conspiracy theorist in me almost believes this is an inside job by the corporates; a lovely left wing policy that ensures, as prices rise (as they surely will with our aging “think big” electricity generation infrastructure needing a lot of maintenance), the corporates cannot be blamed. The blame has to now go onto the Govt. as they control the price!

    This is manna from heaven for the companies concerned. No more bad price rise PR for them!

    It couldn’t be true… could it?

    • Mediaan

      Struggling to see how it’s a change, if government “now” control price.

      • Ururoa

        Perception, Mediaan. People perceive that the evil power companies are manipulating prices higher to reap immoral profits. Surely this L/G policy now gets them the get out of jail free card they desire?

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    This kid is a winner and will be your Environment Minister folks!

  • stanman

    actually no its not……….
    What a germ,what a spotty faced ,clueless little turd

  • Muldoonsliver

    You know, when looking at the face of Gareth Hughes it makes me think back with something akin to regret that it used to be Darren Hughes that made me the most angry. At least he only tried to fuck teenage boys. This Hughes idiot is trying to fuck the whole country

  • Oldgolfer

    His life is ruined. He will forever be known now as Hey Clint. Beautiful

  • Tom

    The lights are on but no-one’s home.

  • In Vino Veritas

    For goodness sake. Those front teeth! Hughes and Ardern. Oh the dams they could build! Hmm, imagine if they had children?

    • Dave

      God Forbid, pity their potential offspring, and the country, they are sufficient without encouraging reproduction – Especially those two producing a mutant green labour prodigy

  • Harry Haircut

    This does bode well.

    It’s the first time I’ve seen the faithful media dog shifting from tail-wagging, tongue out subservience to the faint beginnings of a growl when it comes to covering the Greens.

  • Phill

    I am seriously thinking of going into parliment. I mean if this wanker can earn in excess of $150K p.a for having a degree in alien religions (yes thats right, check out what he did with his student allowance) then surely they will let anybody in there!

    • Kacanga

      Not just anyone – you have to be really thick or a fucking fruitloop.
      (There are times when only the F word will do)