Smart play by Winston

Is this the start of detente and the rehabilitation of the relationship between NZ First and National?

New Zealand First will support law changes allowing the GCSB to spy on Kiwis, giving the Government a comfortable majority on the controversial legislation.

But leader Winston Peters says his party’s support is conditional on additional safeguards for the public against unfair surveillance.

Prime Minister John Key last night briefed Mr Peters, Labour leader David Shearer, Green co-leader Russel Norman, United Future’s Peter Dunne and Act’s John Banks on his proposed amendments to the GCSB Act. 

The major change will make it clear the GCSB can intercept New Zealanders’ communications when assisting other agencies including the SIS, police and Defence.

That co-operation has occurred for many years but questions about its legality were publicly raised in Cabinet Secretary Rebecca Kitteridge’s GCSB report last week.

This is smart from Winston Peters. It shows he is responsible with regard to matters of national security. It also signals that NZ First and National are ready to entertain working together again.

The Greens show just how out of touch they are by constantly calling for GCSB to be abolished…as with the SIS. Labour just looks like it is playing petty politics and frankly it is bizarre to call for an independent inquiry of our intelligence services. Who on earth would they consider to be “independent”?

Yes, this is a smart play from Winston Peters. He is neutering and isolating the Greens and Labour.


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  • Phar Lap

    Yes on a vote for another inquiry into the GCSB for a third time over the years.The Australian wet back import and unelected pest Russel Norman and meddler in NZs affairs got his arse kicked when he couldn’t get his way,common sense prevailed.

    • NotForTurning

      Tell you what: National should support Stuttering Dave’s inquiry into the GCSB – in return for which, Labour should support Cam’s call for an Independent Commission against Corruption.

      Sounds like a deal to me!

  • I think Winston realises he erred in shooting his mouth off “not going into coalition with a party selling assets”-wise and is looking for an excuse for a 3rd term National government.
    1. Lots of elderly NZ First people will be buying the shares and will do well out of them
    2. The Greens drug legalisation and economic nonsense isn’t exactly a vote winner or responsible government.
    3. No one will tolerate a party getting 46/47% of the votes ‘losing’ to a party getting 30/31% (ie: you lose the election by 350,000 votes and ‘win’)
    Winston probably feels much more comfortable with the gritted teeth “the party with the most votes should form a government” scenario.

    • NotForTurning

      Let’s be absolutely fucking clear. Whatever the rules of MMP might say – rules that were all written by Greens & Labour – there is absolutely no precedent in NZ’s history for the largest party in parliament not forming government.

      There just isn’t. That is a fact. Yes there are precedents from Holland or Germany or Scandinavia – but not from NZ, or from the UK from where we take our “Westminster system”.

      A government – in NZ – that does not include the largest party will widely be seen as illegitimate. In that sense, Winston is doing us all a favour by ensuring that constitutional crisis does not happen.

      * PS yes that means on current polling we’ll have National-led governments for the next 20 years or so. But explain to the leftists – ideally using a large, heavy object, – that’s what people, especially taxpaying people, voted for

      • Polish Pride

        Not by those that voted Lbour and the Greens it won’t and if they form a govt it will be because they have the most seats in the house. Thats how the system works. Yep you’ll have a cry a winge and a moan as will many others but at the end of the day what will be will be. And in our elected dictatorship model there aint really too much you’ll be able to do about it. I’d save your post somewhere safe. It will save you writing it out again once it happens.

        • NotForTurning

          Thats how the system works.

          No – that’s how the system is purported to work, as described by those who have the most to gain from that constitutional convention – the Labour and Green parties and their non-taxpaying constituency,

          At 400K page views a month, the Whale Army could make a real difference – as could other minor party leaders if they decided to retain this commonsense Westminster protocol, instead of one important from Scandinavia by leftists.

          To put it in words that even you might understand: convince Winston of this convention, and it doesn’t matter what Mai Chen, the Cabinet Office,or any of the Palmers think: he’ll support the largest party into government. And that is game over for the left!

          • Polish Pride

            Unless the greens and Labour get enough to govern alone then what I said above holds true. But don’t get me wrong this system is so full of holes it could be a cheese grater.

          • NotForTurning

            Then we can put in place a constitution give the vote to the people

            Who the fuck want’s “the people” to vote. The people do not deserve to vote. Only nett taxpayers – citizens with worth and value – who are paying for everything for everyone else.

            And as for the “unrepresentative swill” of a Senate, for fucks sake no!

            A supreme court who can enforce the constitution, or better still, Don Brash’s idea of an economic council, coupled with an anti-corruption commission (commission for probity in public life) should do the trick

      • Bunswalla

        Well, if you’re going to be clear, let’s be completely fucking clear – it isn’t “the largest party in parliament”. In fact Parliament has been dissolved in order to have a General Election.

        I think what you mean is the party with the greatest percentage of the vote.

        • NotForTurning

          No. I mean the single party with the largest number of seats in the new parliament. After the return of the writs, if you must.

  • blokeintakapuna

    So this could indeed be the 1st move of one of the “heads” in the 4-headed Taniwha trying to throw the other “heads” under the bus…

    How they think they’ll be able to cobble together an effective coalition without it being a complete and total “omni-cluster fuck” I don’t know? But it will interesting to watch from the sidelines… Pass the popcorn… Pull up a seat.. Help yourself to the free beer… We’re just waiting on Mike Williams to bring around the free KFC…

  • GregM

    Winnie is as cunning as a shithouse rat. Mind you, I would rather have a National / NZF coalition than the alternative.

    • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

      I would rather jump before a train than having a coalition with the Communist Norman

    • Tom

      Dead right as usual.

      But how would John reconcile working a deal with Winnie the pooh after saying he wouldn’t?

      Or could Bob Jones save us once again?

      • le sphincter

        He would just say he forget what he said all those years ago!

        As PM he cant be expected to remember everthing he said ,

        • Gazzaw

          Au contraire l’arsehole. JK, ever the pragmatist would just say that a new deal had been reached with NZF. Lieing (unlike labour) is not his automatic option. That’s one of the reasons his personal polling is streets ahead of Shearer.

        • GregM

          I agree with you Gunga Din.

          “As PM he cant be expected to remember everything he said”
          Correct. Who did you speak to on the phone on June 8th last year?
          See my point?

  • Justsayn

    The tragic event in Boston will ensure that there is no issue getting this law change through. A bit sick to say it, but true enough.

  • toby_toby

    “It also signals that NZ First and National are ready to entertain working together again.”

    Let’s hope that doesn’t happen.

    • NotForTurning

      Well if conservatives voted “Conservative” – at least with their party vote – then of course there’d be no need to even consider NZFirst.

      • toby_toby

        I wouldn’t want the Conservatives to work with National eiher.

        • NotForTurning

          They have to choose someone to give confidence and supply.

          A Scandinavian/French style Coalition of the losers?

          or the traditional Westminster convention of the largest party in parliament

    • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

      Anything to keep away the communists away from power

  • rangitoto

    ‘Labour just looks like it is playing petty politics and frankly it is
    bizarre to call for an independent inquiry of our intelligence services.
    Who on earth would they consider to be “independent”?”

    Labour could get Kim Jong-Un to provide a senior NK civil servant to do the job and we would send payment as a container load of frozen lamb.

  • Anonymouse Coward

    This is a cunning plan by Winston First. The more leash the funny police are given the more likely they are to stuff up.

    Winston will then be able to rehabilitate his political reputation by enthralling us with the details of a funny police blunder delivered to him in a Speights carton in mysterious circumstances.

  • NotForTurning

    Who on earth would they consider to be “independent”?


  • Patrick

    Winston is just positioning himself – no way he wants to be in a position like the Greens in the past where Labour took them for granted. He will make all the right noises about doing deals with either party so neither take him for granted.