Solving the Ginger mystery

A teenager has built a DNA machine what ever that is in order to find out why his brother is a soul-less mutant day-walker:

Fred and the soul-less day walker Gus Turner

Fred and the soul-less day walker Gus Turner

A TEENAGE boffin built a DNA tester in his bedroom to find out why his younger brother is ginger.

Fred Turner, 17, set out to uncover the mutated gene that causes Gus’s shock of red hair – to prove a point to friends who joked they can’t possibly have the same father.

Fred, from Brighourse, West Yorks. said: “After years of jokes from my friends saying me and Gus have different dads, I built the machine to test once and for all why my brother is ginger and I’m not.

“The theory is that red hair appears in people with a mutated gene. They have two copies of a recessive gene which causes a mutation in the MC1R protein in DNA.” 

The schoolboy built the machine using components from an old VCR, adding resistors, transistors and wire and soldering all the electronics by hand.

He took a swab of saliva from Gus’s cheek and put it in the contraption, which is known as a Polymerase Chain Reaction machine.

It acted like a “DNA photocopier”, amplifying it so it can be analysed.

He sent the DNA sample to a lab to be analysed and results proved once and for all that Gus does have the ginger gene.

Fred submitted his £400 contraption to the Young Engineer of the Year competition in London last month and was thrilled when judges awarded him the top gong.

May be he could find a cure for Gingervitis or a way to give them souls:


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  • P1LL

    “results proved once and for all that Gus does have the ginger gene”
    No shit Sherlock , all you need to do is look at him & please tell him to get a haircut .

  • Hazards001

    Maybe he could build one to find out why if being queer is genetic it hasn’t bred itself out?