Some Herald Love via the Tipline

The headline states that a man was convicted for pushing a cop off a bike.

However, reading the article it turns out that the headline is a fabrication and it is stated twice that what actually happened is a man pushed a bike in front of a car driven by an off duty cop.

The story is dated 2 and a half weeks ago and the Herald hasn’t corrected it so I assume it’s intentional, a false and sensational headline to get people to read a mundane article.


Headline: Man bashed partner with shovel, court told

Photo: A stock image of a shovel (actually, a spade). You’d think that with such a grim story, if they couldn’t find a suitable photo they would just run it without a photo at all.

Instead, they use an almost comical picture.



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  • Michael

    I remember using stock images for a 4th form High School assignment where we had to do up a newspaper front page. Nice to know what I produced was actually of Herald quality.

  • toby_toby

    I love being lied to in headlines. Makes me glad I don’t pay for the Herald and I block the ads on their website.