Speaking of Save our Schools, what happened to that poll?

As you may recall, two days ago I directed your attention to a poll running on the Save our Schools web site.  They wanted to know if you thought Charter Schools a good idea.

At the time I drew your attention to the poll, the results were like this



Clearly, the 123 voters thought, with about a half majority, that Charter Schools would not improve educational outcomes.

But that’s probably because the Save our Schools web site is particularly aimed at people who feel the education sector needs “saving”, so the result isn’t particularly enlightening.

Currently, the site displays this notice:


So this is how Democracy works on advocacy group web sites:  they only keep the results they want.

I want to take a step sideways for a moment and remind you that I ran a Marriage Equality poll on my blog, and the results were not what I would want, as slightly over half of the respondents voted against Marriage Equality.

Did I pull the results?


There is no intellectual honesty on the Left.  They manipulate, they lie and if they can’t control the message, they just hide it.

According to Keeping Stock, these were the poll’s results the next morning:



The most recent screenshot we had was this one



Did my readers “rig the poll”?  No!

They had no control over the outcome.  They simply went to the web site and voted.  They were invited to do so by the Save our Schools web site, and they voted.

I can assure you that Whaleoil readers aren’t a homogenous bunch.  Neither are they controlled by me like automatons.  You just have to follow the comments for a few days to see that I have as many critics as I have supporters.

And more importantly, different people agree (or disagree) with me on different topics.

If you have a careful look, the “No” vote also went up.   If all the “Yes” votes are to be attributed to my readers, then it’s only fair to attribute all the “No” votes to them as well.  You can’t have it both ways.

So to withdraw a poll because you don’t like the results is…?


very “Left” of them.


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  • blokeintakapuna

    You need your “live poll” that would have so many benefits on so many levels…

    I wonder if any IT gurus can help with that?

  • Rodger T

    Poll jacking/crashing is always a bit of fun and shows how fucking useless internet polls really are.
    It could be a new feature here on WOBH, links to polls on lefty blogs and other assorted numpty sites.

  • mike

    WO you need to do this more often, link any poll you find on the site and inform us so we can have our say.

    More often than not the people who initiate the poll keep it for a select like minded few.

  • williamabong

    Just like Loopy Len mobilizing the brown army in South Auckland, just these pricks have a different take on democracy from the rest of us.

  • Orange

    PPTA members have never been polled on Charter Schools. Just shafted.

  • Just wait until the parties of the Left advocate internet voting. That way, they won’t have to sulk about losing the asset sales debate at the ballot box; they’ll just pull the poll and keep trying until they get the results that suit them.

    Don’t say you weren’t warned…

    • justin

      Never will happen – you can’t get KFC through the internet.

  • justin

    I thought how “the Vote” had a massive turn about when asking the audience versus the nation (massive swing)… But then the show was filmed in Auckland.

  • mick le prick

    I have a sister inlaw who is a teacher and she is as Cam would call her a repeater of the Commie teachers union. Its all John Keys fault and national hate teachers bullsh*it

  • AXjarv

    So on the night of the marriage bill vote Campbell Live runs a simple for or against poll.
    As he signs off he states the result at 78% against and only 22% for. There is nothing on TV3’s or Campbell’s web page on the reuslts. Another example of burying the results if you don’t like them.