Sperm smuggling. Yes, really.

via aonghascrowe.com

via aonghascrowe.com

First it was drugs, then cell phones, now sperm.

For Palestinian prisoners held in Israeli jails, starting a family would normally be out of the question.

But a growing number are resorting to an innovative and clandestine way of doing just that, by smuggling out sperm from prison.

There are 4,700 Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails, and the Israeli government does not allow conjugal visits for married inmates.

Al Jazeera’s Nicole Johnston reports from the occupied West Bank.

Conjugal visits are permitted in about half of Europe, a minority of US states, and find only sporadic support elsewhere.  Incidentally, your are more likely to have conjugal visits available to inmates in Spanish speaking countries.  (somewhat dated source)

So the question remains:  When a man is locked up in prison, should this mean the end of his ability to continue adding to his family?  New Zealand currently doesn’t support it.


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  • cows4me

    No way. Most the aholes in the big house have removed someone else’s ability to have an enjoyable family life let alone a family, why should they have the privilege they have denied to others. Just more liberal horseshit.

  • maninblack

    god no.. we dont want any one in jail doing any MORE breeding than they already have done..

  • Mark

    So as well as being terrorists the Palestinian prisoners are also wankers.

  • Luc Jorieux

    Do people remember Peter McNamara , he and bob schollum and brad shipton were convicted of rape in 2005, he fathered a child whilst in prison