Spinning and losing over crime stats

Recorded crimes are at their lowest for 24 years and crime has fallen in each of the past three years.

That’s good news for everyone – apart from Labour and their buddies.

The excellent work of Crusher Collins has been carried on by Anne Tolley – and it has clearly stung “Stupid Boy” Fa’afoi who has resorted to the usual lies and distortions

Fa’afoi thinks that being buddies with the Police Association and running his press releases past them will give him credibility. It won’t.

As for the Association – they really aren’t doing themselves any favours by insinuating that, actually, Labour should get the credit for the fall in crime.


“The clear downward trend began with the investment in police staff and resources we saw through the mid to late 2000s.”


Greg O’Connor is a decent guy, but goodness me this is blatant crap.

Thankfully, our travel blogger has provided an excellent graph, which shows exactly the opposite is true.

Source: Kiwiblog.co.nz

Source: Kiwiblog.co.nz



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  • johnbronkhorst

    Did he not think someone, somewhere would FACT CHECK his idiocy?

  • Macca

    Just imagine how much more impressive these figures would be if we had some decent judges or at the very least, a system where judges were held accountable!!!!!
    Minimum sentences would also be a great start!
    Even if these figures aren’t 100% ridgydidge, at least under National they appear to be trending in the right direction and that has to be a good thing! GO CRUSHER!!!!

  • LesleyNZ

    Also Peter Marshall has made a tremendous difference – those in the police force will be disappointed to hear that he is not continuing on as Police Commisioner after this tenure. Success starts at the top.

  • Peej

    To use the expression blatant crap again… On the tv news the number of cases was mentioned of domestic violence where the protagonist was moved out of the house in a “diversion” type way of handling the situation. And mention of other incidents where “counselling” and warnings are done/given.
    The incidents don’t end up in the crime figures. The easiest way to get rid of crime is to tell perps off, not charge them. Lowest crime stats ever!!