David Shearer is Standing up to Pee

Paddy at Credo Quia Absurdum Est blogs about Labour’s latest mail drop.

I received the usual sort of flyer in my letterbox yesterday.  Personally, if I was advising the Labour Party, I would have had more policy, but those numpties chose to go with the nicest bloke who shouldn’t be Labour leader.

David Shearer seems to be the sort of bloke very good at doing food drops for the UN in Rwanda, but as a politician, he’s pants (see definition 1). 

I entertained the idea of photoshopping it, but a reader with less to do on a Sunday beat me to it and emailed this through.  You need to click for the larger image (and then probably enlarge it further to read it), but this is quality piss-taking:

[Click image to enlarge]



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  • Please find the National person who put this out and shake their hand for me.

    Dave, mate, if that was your staff, reverse decimate them: sack 90%. Yesterday.

  • Allyson

    Voters didnt want Goff and told him so, yet Shearer is so much worse than Goff. What are Labor up to.

  • Honcho


    What exactly are labours policies? (apart from their policy of hating john key)

    • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

      Honcho baby – We have many policies to provide “green” employment, tax the hell out of every rich prick, extending WFF to benefit bludgers, mono rail in Auckland, Disneyland in Invercargill – I can list so many bro, no space in this blog. Wait for Sheep’s state of the nation address in July.

      • Honcho

        You forgot free sky sport for all, so the knuckle draggers can enjoy their right to free rugby coverage, an election winner for sure.

  • Why can he not dress properly? god knows who wearing a t shirt is supposed to impress, he should be wearing a suit like Mr Key always does.

    • Patrick

      He is a millionaire trying to look working class – probably got a white pair of chinos on as well.

      • Dare I ask what “chinos” means? what that is?

        • Honcho

          Plain style khaki pants worn by G.I.’s. Name comes from a shortened slang term for indochina.

    • johnbronkhorst

      I just noticed…it’s a black t shirt and he’s a shearer isn’t he?

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Labour leader David Shearer said John Key was more likely to be remembered as the man who was popular for a while.

    Shearer said – “He said he had unfinished business? … I’d rather he finished now.”

    Ouch….Sheep attacking John Key….Naked Emperor must be so scared now….

  • Hazards001

    Gold..saved that as a PDF and going to send it around the non WO readers of my acquaintance…both of them!

    And who’s signature is just their given name? I think I used to sign my name like that when I was six as I couldn’t spell my surname.