Sunday General Debate


Have a look at the photo above, and have a really deep appreciation for the monumental amount of lazy that had to take to achieve.


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  • kohibruce

    An interesting interview this morning on TV with the CEO of Transpower. Interesting to hear that a significant amount of energy is currently being sent to the South Island from the North Island (very logical names that make for no ambiguity) – and that closure of Tiwai Smelter would pose no real problems for the national power supply system..

    • Phar Lap

      Did they mention that in 2004/2005 the Lie-bour Government sold the South Island Power grid to the Americans.FFS.

      • BJ

        I’m sure Nationals ‘List on Labour’ is growing daily, for the next election campaign.

      • It was Wellington’s to the Chinese

        • Phar Lap

          So thats another one.Transpower sold the South Island Power Grid to the American based Wachovia Bank circa 2005 with a so called lease back agreement.

          • Red

            The Govt is wanting to sell the “Generating capacity” – not the lines. In fact they’d be hard pressed to sell the lines as they been ignored for decades while the profits have been stripped. That Meridian makes a $200 Mil profit while the Tiwai plant suffers a half Mil loss…. is obscene, particularly when they accuse Rio / Pacific Al’ of playing hardball. What bullshit. I’m in Southland and the loss of this industry will make your carpet mills and railway workshop closures look like chicken feed. We’ve not seen either of our local Nat MP’s Roy, or English, surprise surprise. Any closure at Tiwai Point won’t mean cheap power for anyone – you can’t just ram it up those crappy old cables. It’ll be 20 years they estimate, before the Cook Strait cable and other land cables are able to hack it. If anyone see’s English, Ryall or Roy, by the way, can you please say Get Fucked to them from all of Southland. That’d be great, Cheers

          • Dave

            Red. You seem angry there. I can understand it when the biggest employer is about to be closed down, but really ??? You seem to have a bit of go in you, why not sit down with a few strategic mates, and plot a way to help RT survive and thrive, cut costs, improve productivity etc. There is a fair bit of inefficiency there I am reliably told, wages over the top for a lot of workers. Look at what was achieved at a lot of similar industrial companies throughout the western world. The sheer fact is, their labour costs are simply too high compared to similar plants! no amount of cheap power will compensate for that.

      • BJ

        Isn’t the power grid just the sort of true infrastructure the government should never sell?

        • Phar Lap

          Quite right.For the full story google”.Who owns the South Island Power Grid.” what an eye opener..Makes Mighty River Power criteria a walk in the park.Also check out who allowed the Wellington Power Company to be sold to the Hong Kong Chinese.A clue ,rhymes with Sullen,a Lie-bour Party guy who once uttered the damning words”.RICH PRICK.”

  • I have always enjoyed watching the movie “The Wild Geese” – Richard Burton, Roger Moore and Richard Harris as mercenaries in Africa.
    One thing I do not understand, however, is why at the end of the film the mercenaries go from the village to the plane on foot.
    This causes them to engage their enemies resulting in vast loss of life on both sides, but considering they arrived at the village in jeeps – why not just get back in them and drive the 5 miles to the plane?? never been able to understand it. Can anyone fill me in?

    • It was an awesome movie

    • johnbronkhorst

      Wasn’t the fight…the point…to protect the villagers, or am I confusing it with another film? It’s been ages since I’ve seen it.

  • Phar Lap

    Been reading an article in the Australian Fairfax owned almost bankrupt Wellington newspaper.An article by a sheila called Andrea Vance,an alleged bosom buddy of Lie-bours Grant “Knucklehead” Robertson.Her also being a “Knucklehead “cub reporter has the cheek and audacity to call Cameron Slater an attack dog for the National Party.Rumour has it she was an alleged employee of the now defunct “NEWS OF THE WORLD”.the English newspaper that was shut down for employees hacking into peoples cell phones,lets hope none of that happens here by self appointed know all reporters.

    • Is there an online link for that?

      • Phar Lap

        SST page A13.Sunday Politics.

    • Dave

      Andrea Vance is a total joke, cub reporter who doesn’t realize she is being used by papers left.

  • people are disgusting.

  • Patrick

    Good to see Labour now supports road building especially to lift productivity. Makes a change.
    Any chance wee Wussel will also show support?

  • BJ

    This is more than just laziness which implies they don’t know, don’t think, don’t care. It says to me “no one is going to tell me what to do” and “I might not like myself much but knowing menial job employees have to clean up my trash makes me feel more important”

  • Macca

    Is it just me or is anyone else (other than John Key), getting sick to bloody death of the one eyed attacks on National whilst TOTALLY ignoring identical or far worse prior offenses committed by the left?

    • blokeintakapuna

      Me too! The BSA should sink their teeth into political articles so Blatently biased… Instead the BSA seems asleep at the wheel and is only capable of giving a good gumming… And hence why most of the MSM line up for some BSA gummage – knowing they are going to swallow everything the media forces down their throats… And swallow willingly too it seems.

      They seem about as effective as the Registrar who is still chasing the MWU for the annual financials that are 5 years late.

      If the ‘watchdogs’ and regulation authorities aren’t doing what they are supposed to be doing, what the hell are they doing then instead? Answer… Enjoying a cosy, tax payer funded job without KPIs or deliverables… Because they certainly don’t uphold any measure of “balanced or fair”… And us tax payers are funding that…

    • crigs

      I am. I came to this blog to find some balance to the overwelming negativity broadcast across the MSM. I’m totally sick of the negativity, I’m sick of the nit picking of the media over the littlest of things. I just wish the MSM could present an unbiased view.

    • Steve R

      Im hearing you . Nothing makes me angrier than the half truths and lies that the left use in all their arguments . Just look at the shit shearer was dishing out on tv this morning .

    • rockape

      No Macca ,I am loving it. Most are like you and fed up with gutter attacks on NZs most popular PM. Where did it get them in 2008 and 2011? Nowhere I take that as good. Labours focus is on playing the man and in doing so will loose the game, that to me is good; that Labours strategists are such fools; that they think the failed tactics of the last two elections will bear fruit in 2014.Long may those idiots keep their focus off their real problem— No bloody policies!

      • BJ

        It amounts to no time and energy going into the important issues for this country and respectful people being publicly abused – it is disgusting and getting worse by the day. This nasty stuff is like teenage behaviour where they do their best to wear you down, ridicule your values and talk nonsense as they are ‘trying to find themselves’ What I want to know is – what are teenagers doing in Parliament!

  • PlanetOrphan

    Just read on TVNZ website ..
    “John Key hints at China exchange rate policy”

    Bloody excellent, go John Key.

  • BJ

    Georgina Bayer the worlds first transgender mayor now wants Judith Collins to amend an Act she herself championed “We thought, naively, that with the liberalisation of prostitution, that it would not be desirable necessarily to be a street worker.”

    Bearing in mind this regret of such liberal legislation don’t you think it would be a good idea to slow down on changing the face of marriage?

    • unsol

      No. The 2 are nothing the same & to claim they are shows how naive your world view is.

      This bill should have given more thought re brothers vs street workers, but while there is a demand there will always be supply.

      Whilst sad can in no way describe how I feel about young girls prostituting themselves, especially the underaged ones, revolted goes some way to describe how I feel about the men who seek them out.These men are vile, despicable creatures who are morally repugnant & void of all that is good & decent & the world. What really annoys me is that no doubt many are married.

      Women need to start setting good examples for their sons & daughters & need to start demanding & dictating the moral compass than many men clearly seem to be incapable of having on their own. And more men to step up & show their sons or any boys for whom they are role models, what being a man really means.

      This is the biggest problem I have with all those who argue against ME – they assume that LGBT lower society’s standards & yet in my experience in terms of work, news & things like this (thankfully not in my personal life – I have only known good men) heterosexual men are doing this all by themselves. And judging by the language used by some men on here they are most definitely part of that problem NOT the solution.

      • BJ

        I’ll admit – it was a bit of mischief unsol – using liberal legislation as the common theme.

        I agree with you about real men – I have one of those. The role model of a ‘real’ man is one that will ‘cross the bridge to their heart’ – making their relationship with their children who are part of them and their intimate (in the true sense of being in touch with themselves) commitment to someone they chose to make a commitment to – ahead of ‘looking good’ to make them feel important in the world. Women have to show strength of character to their sons and daughters by engaging with their husband in a mature respectful self-controlled manner if they want respect and loyalty to be virtues they hand on to their children.

        • unsol

          Hmmm I suspected as much but thought I would use it as an opportunity to preach from my pulpit haha! :p

          Well said about ‘real’ men – beautifully put in fact.

          On one hand seeing stories about young girls meeting a demand is so demoralising, but on the other it makes you thankful for having the luck & good sense to know good men (spouse, parents, friends etc). Nothing to me is more precious than seeing the wonderful relationship between my daughter & husband. It makes me love him more, if that were possible!

          Btw, I must say your whole appropriate in terms of the way you articulate your arguments seems to have changed – the cheeky & perhaps sometimes rather contentious (can I say snarky?) one liners are gone & instead you are writing with an eloquence that I haven’t noticed before. What made you decide to invest a little more & up your word count? Unless I just haven’t been that observant & perhaps mistook you for BR?

          • BJ

            Oh my approach is usually very thoughtful but the GM debate has been very contentious. You’d have to go back to see some other subject posts to get the picture. None of your subtleties have gone unnoticed that have felt like they were directed at me – but hey – I have broad shoulders – literally. We’d likely be good friends in the real world. I think you did take me for BR – I am only BJ

          • unsol

            Aah seems I have put you on the defense! Hard to convey tone via this medium. No subtleties as if I am replying directly to you I spell it out :) If general comment it is exactly that – up to the individual how they take it; offense can only be taken not given. Not one for making ambiguous remarks – e.g comment above inferred random, sometimes Lesley, but most often Lucia. The first I came across you was that weird post of me vs starboard the other week. I hadn’t noticed you on other posts & BR usually signs as Bill at the end of each comment. So figured you must have been relatively new or I hadn’t been very attentive! Plus i thought Pete George was Petal Pete so confusion is easy, especially when someone has more than one alias (kosh = gayguy/teachersrock & maybe meg). But I like it when you pad out your comments – you often have an interesting take on things, even if they appear to conform what I see as the popular (but opposite to mine!) opinion. Yes I suspect we would be friends in the real world – I find it is easier to have friends who share different views with say LGBT, than left wing vs right political ideologies (I see the two as being separate). Especially when it comes to economic policy! In saying that one of my dearest friends is left wing so I guess it comes down to how the views are articulated. I’m probably a little more brutal on here – as are most I suspect (tippy tapping into cyberspace as very few consequences provided people like starboard, GG & dotcom are a minority).

    • johnbronkhorst

      It does however lend itself to a review of labours legislative process! In so far as, how many laws did they create that had to be amended due to “negative unforeseen circumstances” ie ill conceived legislation and legislation for purely politic reasons instead of common sense or practical reasons. National have in the past had a few fuck ups themselves (mostly taking BAD advice ie leaky homes) but the at least put in place a review with recommended actions in 1999, which labour ignored for 9 years.

      • BJ

        My belief is that if we maintain conservative values ( to conserve at the core, all that is wholesome and good), that ensure society functions properly, while exercising liberal tolerance having implementing moderate programs (legislation)
        Legislation must always be moderate to keep things in order.

  • crigs

    I found this blog post interesting today. It links to this blog: where apparently this person was working with EQC & has moles on the inside. I’m sure this person thinks they are doing a great service for Christchurch people but it worries me that you have to give him photo id (passport or drivers licence) as well as rates documents to get your info.

    • BJ

      Anyone that thinks this is ok must understand that if the sh.t hits the fan their details would be used against them – they go down – you go down – and you’d deserve to.

  • NZ Groover

    To be fair, I doubt that the bin was there when the rubbish was left. I would say it was brought in by the cleaners when the movie was finished. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.

  • Hazards001

    I see you have an ad on here to vote for the best thing about Freeview.The best thing about Freeview is the off button.Is that one of the catagories?

  • LabTested

    Even the North Koreans crazies know that money printing does not work.

    I was reading an article about the Aunt of Kim the younger who is apparently the power behind the throne in Crazy land. What struck me was this

    “she is also …………… owning the only burger joint in the

    Now why, if she could just print off a trillion Won, would she go into business. Unless of course even she knows that money printing woud destroy what is left of a pretty shitty economy.