The best Margaret Thatcher cartoon

Margaret Thatcher has passed, the haters continue to hate, her legacy remains however.

This though is the best political cartoon regarding her death that I have seen…so Thatcher.



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  • wikiriwhi

    Previously…Thatcher and her war with the miners….where was her war with the banks. The City of London (banking zone) is even closed to the queen

  • Rodger T


  • wikiriwhi

    Thanks for that link Minachist Kiwi. The problem with these political blogs is they never understand the correlation between finance and politics. Politics is a smo0ke screen to cover for Reserve banks and disastrous keysnian economics which has seen the travesty of the Euro Zone and the repeal of Glass Steagal which has seen the mega banks corruption and social decay in the US. These political bloggers are completely blind to economic realities

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