The Big Question for the Mainland Conference

This weekend’s National party Mainland conference in Hamner Springs will probably skirt around the most important issue…where is the new blood coming through to replace the inevitable retirements?

  • Colin King will be on the?pension?before the next election
  • Nick Smith is rumoured to have a major international appointment lined up
  • Chris Auchinvole has health issues and will retire
  • Kate Wilkinson got the arse from cabinet and will get beaten in Waimak if she runs again
  • Gerry Brownlee will either burst or retire ?
  • Nicky Wagner has many interesting opportunities outside of parliament
  • David Carter is getting a bit long in the tooth even if he still has a nice eye for the ladies
  • Jacqui Dean’s career as plateaued and must dislike having to leave such a beautiful part of the country to go to a place as ugly as Wellington
  • Michael Woodhouse is a scum List MP who has brown-nosed the Joyce faction (such as is it is) so much that any change in leadership will likely see him out of parliament
  • Bill English has been around forever
  • Eric Roy has wasted too much time in wellington instead of hunting to want to go back

There is a big generational change coming for National in the South Island. Only Amy Adams, Aaron Gilmore and Jo Goodhew are likely to be in parliament after the 2017 election. National will need to find at least ten more good MPs in the South Island to support Amy, Aaron and Jo. Instead of congratulating themselves on what a great team National currently has they should be talking about who are the next generation of MPs.