The day common sense died

Packet of nuts doesn’t contain a warning that it contains nuts.  * sigh *

A supermarket chain has withdrawn bags of nuts – after failing to declare they may contain peanuts.

The Food Standards Agency issued an allergy alert saying the presence of peanuts was not declared on Booths’ own brand packets of monkey nuts.

The supermarket has removed 300 packets of 350g Whole Hearted Roasted Monkey Nuts from its shelves.

Booths has apologised and warned customers with a peanut allergy not to consume the product.

Booths technical manager Waheed Hassan said: “It is our responsibility as retailers to accurately record allergy advice.

“In this instance, we felt a responsibility to recall the product and issue a notice to our customers who might suffer from a specific peanut allergy.”


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via Tumblr


Source: BBC


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  • Let me guess – this was an EU directive?

  • Anonymous4001

    but but but Monkey Nuts ARE peanuts?

    • Steve (North Shore)

      Labour Party nuts are peanuts

    • blokeintakapuna

      Pay peanuts, get monkeys…

    • Rodger T

      Jungle oysters maybe?

    • Mr_Blobby

      Nuts to you to.

  • Michael

    Playing devil’s advocate.. People with peanut allergies can eat almonds/cashews etc. So a bag of mixed nuts would be wise to say if there are traces of peanuts.

    That said, one should always assume peanuts are in a bag of mixed nuts.

  • thor42

    The Food Standards Agency should have a warning that “this agency contains nuts.”

  • Mr_Blobby

    30 odd years ago you never heard of peanut allergies, now some schools are banning bringing peanut butter sandwiches to school.

    Peanut and other assorted allergies, all number of something deficits and deficiencies, about a third of cars requiring a mobility permit, asthma and diabetes was rare.

    The food standards agency is another waste of space that should be shut down to save money.

    So what is really happening, Have we become a Nation of apologetic retards.

    • Travis Poulson

      And now we have people who are gluten intolerant, lactose intolerant, and many others I’m too drunk to think of at this moment.

      The biggest condition that seems to be gripping the country is hypochondria.
      For that I prescribe a cup of cement, and some free advice: harden the fuck up.

      • Mr_Blobby

        You should drink more Travis, you are actually making sense.

      • Nechtan

        Bloody oath you are so right!! Couldn’t have said better.
        Now I will join you in getting drunk.

      • Cadwallader

        Condom ad: This condom comes with nuts, or will come with nuts, or the nuts will come, or …need a further drink.

    • Mediaan

      Very salient points, you make.
      Quite true.

  • Phil

    I feel sorry for the Monkeys

  • LesleyNZ

    “The Death of Common Sense” – excellent!

  • steve and monique

    Will somebody please think of the children

  • Kimbo

    Ummm, no, common sense hasn’t died in this case, and the bags should have advised they contained peanuts because…

    peanuts are not nuts, they are legumes, like peas.

    Which means that if you have a peanut allergy, you may still be able to eat nuts with no side-effects. But if you unwittingly purchase what the label leads you to believe is nuts, but they are in fact peanuts, you will have a problem.

    Just saying…

    • Lopsy

      How many people do you know would not consider a peanut a nut?. Many products have the general warning “May Contain Nuts” so if the bag has “Nuts” as a descriptor wouldn’t that be sufficient?

      • Kimbo

        “How many people do you know would not consider a peanut a nut?”.

        A small minority…except those with peanut allergies, who would know they can still eat nuts, and who have a vested and necessary interest and right to know if something contains peanuts. .

        Hence the need to label food-for-sale accurately…Which, I’d suggest, is commn sense… – the “commonality” of which, as per my reply below to James, is in dispute

    • James

      Er but everybody knows monkey nuts are peanuts that haven’t been shelled. But yes, peanuts aren’t nuts … it annoys me when schools say no nuts but won’t allow peanuts. Either say no peanuts or no nuts or both.

      • Kimbo

        I didn’t know monkey nuts are peanuts – but then I obviously have no “common sense” (the definition of which is something you know that someone else should have but doesn’t, and which strangely enough is not always that “common”).

        Just saying again…

  • Lopsy

    Common sense never dies. If it did we’d have to call it something else. Lack of common sense can kill. That’s called natural selection. Most people can see this bullshit for what it is.